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Abs When Squatting?


Do you bring them in, or balloon them
out? Which is the best alternative?


BUMP for this cos Ive been wondering the same thing too. Ive read that squats (and deadlifts) work your abs but I dont see how. My abs certainly arent sore after these excersices.


balloon them out




Hmm, take a deep breath and tighten up. You know, what you'd do if somebody was going to punch you in the stomach.

While not primarily an ab exercise, you will be exercising them when you squat or deadlift 300 plus pounds.


Just did bodyweight squats, and the abs out is the winner. Gonna have to try it out today with some weight
on my back.


Vroom's right.

Unless you're wearing a sturdy belt, then you push them out against the belt.

There was a big thread on this a little while back, search function must have shown it...



You'll find good suggestions for both, and probably for good reason (depends on goals, experience blah blah).

I thus suggest you do both: see which one you like; see which one likes you. :slight_smile:

Personally, I push out as it enables me to feel more secure during a lift and I can actually lift more.



My ass isn't really sore after I pull twice bodyweight off the floor, but I'm certain it's being worked.


Lol not ass, abs! Its difficult to remember some of these protocols when maxing out. Usually its the lower portion of my abs that feels it after going heavy. Even though I'm having a shitty time with squats right now (see my other thread).