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Abs: Transversus Help

Anyone have suggestions on how to get rid of a protruding abdomen? Maybe some good trasnversus abdominis exercises? I have low body fat and do tons of ab exercises all the time, including planks, bibycles, supine leg lifts, flutter kicks, reverse crunches, etc, but I still have a protruding abdomen. What am I missing?

Post a picture to see the problem, but don’t bother with specific TA work. No relationship to mechanical spinal stability so focussing on that muscle (cause you can’t specifically recruit it anyway) is not worthwhile.

Just constantly walk around with your stomach sucked in.

Problem solved.

It’s called power breathing, it’s basically training your TA to be in a state similar to constantly having your stomach sucked in. Look it up. Also the same concept is used in Matt Furey’s combat abs book.

Abdominal vaccums.

There are other threads about this shit…


Can’t anyone read anymore?

I haven’t checked but I don’t know if it even fell off the first page yet. You don’t even have to use the search function.

Oh, it’s called eating, you know food? That is why you have a “protrusion”. Please stop eating immediately in order to solve both your & my problem.