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Abs Saved Her Life


"Killer Abs Protect Woman in Accident"


I guess now we finally have that excuse we've been looking for that proves just HAVING big muscles is "functional".


Yeah, if I could only get big enough to stop bullets...


yeah im sure her abs prevented her from dying


They also keep people from looking at her face...


I was in a car accident several years back. We were hit from behind by a car going over 50mph while we were standing still. I wasn't driving but the person who was started moving forward slowly when she noticed the car wasn't stopping so it wasn't from a dead stop. I had no injuries and was told it was because of the muscles surrounding my back and neck.


This reminds me of Flex Wheeler's horrific car accident.

I doubt the guy would even be walking if he wasn't wearing a suit of armor made of meat.


Howd your friend end up?


Neck brace but otherwise fine now (no long term injuries). It was a running joke when Unbreakable came out.


That's one tough looking chick. WOOF!


I have a friend who had a similar situation happened (5,6ish 200+) Except he was hit by a dump truck (not quite 50mph).