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Abs of Glory, 3 Months of Consistency


I want em.

Abs of glory. Ripped abs beyaaaatch. I will do WHATEVER it takes. I am trying to totally minimize using equipment, if possible.

I don't know nothing about nothing when it comes to this stuff, but here is what I have done so far

-I got 8 min abs (I know, I know), and started doing it, every day. 2 months, little to no results
-I did some research and found the SDSU study that listed the most effective ab exercises. I used used some of them to modify the 8 min abs routine into "Abs 360" which is

40 regular crunches
40 try to touch the bottom of my feet crunches (with legs at 90 degrees in the air)
40 reverse crunches (with head in floor)
40 R to L side crunches (right elbow to left side with knees bent and resting on the floor)
40 L to R side crunches (the inverse)
40 reverse crunches (with shoulder raised)
80 bicycles (elbow to knee across)
2 mins in plank (started with 60 seconds, have worked my way up to 3:15, but went back down to 2 to keep it manageable)

aaaand 25 intense minutes of cardio (jogging up the hill by my house) 3 - 6 x week

I have done this 3 to 6 times a week for 4 months, and still almost no results.


-Its not my diet. I eat only lean proteins, (chicken and fish), veggies, whole wheat carbs with fiber, fruit, and very little sugar and very little alcohol.
-I don't think its my biology. Look at the pic of me at 13.

What can i do to address this?

Thanks in advance.



Heavy Squats And Deadlifts!!!!!!

Stop the high rep shit and get some resistance into those exercices


If that is you end all be all...
Run, eat less to loose the fat covering your "Ripped abs beyaaaatch"



Allow your ab muscles to heal before you do another workout.
Add resistance, like a medicine ball or whatever.
Leg lifts to work the lower abs.
That's all I can think of at the moment.

  1. Lay flat on your back with your hands behind your head
    .. Lift your feet 6" off the ground, keeping your knees locked
    .. bend your left knee, keeping your foot 6" off the floor,
    .. simultaneously bring your right elbow to your left knee
    .. down (still keeping feet 6" off floor)
    .. now right knee and left elbow
    .. down
    .. rinse and repeat

I will be surprised if you can do more than 15 at first.
After a while add ankle/wrist weights or hold a medicine ball on top of your head.

.. If you want BIG abbs you need resistance.
.. once you can do 5 sets of 15, increase resistance
.. wear ankle weights and instead of keeping your hands behind your head,
hold a ball on top of your head, adding weight as needed.

  1. Running is nice (and there is no faster way to cut fat)
    .. running while jumping rope however isn't nice, it's a BEAST
    .. normally, when you run you pump your arms
    .. this keeps your core balanced

.. however, when you jump rope while running your arms must stay stationary
.. this puts incredible stress upon your core
If you run briskly (not slowly) this will tear you up.
You need a speed rope for this exercise (the kind with ball bearings in the handle).
After you learn to make it 2 miles without wishing you could die, add ankle weights.

  1. Your 13yo abbs were barely noticeable, you could only see them because
    (A) the light was shining just right
    (B) your shirt was off, and
    (C) because you had no fat on your belly.
    If you can get your abbs BIG and ripped, you will be able to see them from a mile away, through your t-shirt, with your eyes closed.

If you need a video of exercise 1. I can post one tomorrow.

  1. REST (like the guy before me said)
    .. if your abbs are sore do jumping jacks or go swimming, don't do situps
    .. give your abbs time to heal & grow.


wrong website, homeslice. We bodybuild, powerlift, and do other manly things here.


what the fuck


You need to hypertrophy your abs just like any other bodypart. Those exercises won't do the trick. More importantly, get bigger.


thnx dude. finally a thorough answer. a video would be much appreciated. i'm having trouble visualizing exactly what you said.


Here is the video of a situp with no resistance.


And here is a situp with resistance added...

I know it is a volleyball and not a medicine ball,
and I know and I'm not wearing ankle weights,
but you can get the picture anywhoo.

Yes, I know I am way out of shape.
I haven't lifted since 2002 and
haven't had any modeling gigs since before then,
little wonder huh?




x 3.


what the fuck, you've already got teh hawt abz?

or is that photo not of you, but of what you want them to look like?


Abs like that look retarded when you have to put your body into a flexed position such that your hips end up looking wider than your shoulders...time to put on some size young gun.


That's what I said,
but I made sarcasm my friend.

Really though, to the op, I think I posted in your other thread. It's true about what I said about tough love. Questions about getting ripped abs tend not to go down well on this site, because here people tend to be into being as big and strong as possible. Not just having one good bodypart, e.g. biceps or abs.

Worry less about your abs, and more about your squats and deadlifts, and getting some-overall mass onto you. That will do wonders.

I'm a strong believer that 99% of new trainees need the same advice-
basic lifting program, incorporating squats and deadlifts
and eat more food.

I'm a strong believer that 99% of new trainees that believe they need something different or special, are wrong.


I was aware of that, which is why I quoted what you said, in agreement.


Hey Mate,

Because you're posting in the beginners section, I'm going to be nice to you =)

Lesson you'll learn quickly here, is not to ask stupid questions - though how to figure out what the right questions are is something you'll pick up =P

No-one here who knows their stuff will help you get your 'abs of glory', that is not what we are about here. Now, really, I should be telling you why you don't want just abs cos that's not what Body Building is about, that's not what this sites about, and that's not what you should be about. But that's a lesson you'll learn along the way.

What I'll tell you is this, because this may be the only thing that could stop you:
Doing too much 'ab work' is extremely dangerous for your health, and it's also not the best way to do things. If you only train your abs, you're going to get a massively screwed up back, posterior chain - which in turn will mess up the rest of your adult life. If you really want to get massive abs, focus on the rest of your body as well. Stop training your little abs, and work out like a real man. We don't give a crap about your excuses here until you pull your head in and try what we say. Go eat a hell of a lot more, and put in some hard work.

I'll tell you the stuff as well, you probably won't listen to - but may. Everyone likes to have big abs. It's a much strived for thing in the public opinion.. of males. You see, there really is no reason why you should want them.
If you want them to look good for girls - well the facts are, they they will not find a skinny arse guy any more attractive whether he has abs or not. So if it's not for girls, then is it for guys?
If you're into bodybuilding - you're doing it wrong. End of discussion.

So hey, Take on board all the valuable advice you can get here, and see what happens. It's a tough road, but you'll be fine.

Take care, best of luck.


Ah! I see!
I just wasn't sure.

Poor OP, us hijacking his thread clarifying whether or not we are insulting him, and whether or not everyone is clear that we are insulting him.
I hope my last post and the post in his other thread makes amends.

We can be harsh here, but we mostly mean well, I'm sure.

OP, I'm a nice guy, really. So I do apologize. If you do happen to have more serious/pressing issues don't be afraid to post new threads, but please do your research first!


I can guarantee you a wide ass back and cannonball delts will attract more women than "ripped abs".

And you don't even have to take your shirt off.