Abs / Lower Back imbalance

Hey fellow ironheads. Im weight training for fitness, i also do triathlon and STREND stuff… I was wondering if there were any " tests" or ways to figure out if I have a imbalance between my lower back and abs. Also, any articles that you guyz could point out to me woudl be great! Keep lifting - JM

I believe Paul Chek has a “test” that involves using a blood pressure cuff. This test is listed on his site. www.chekinstitute.com - I think is the url of his site. We performed this test at one of his seminars - pretty cool.

Isn’t this really easy? You should be able to stiff-leg ab-curl as much as you can stiff-leg deadlift! {Okay, I’m kidding, but imagine it - loading up a barbell, putting it on the chest, and doing decline situps. Sigh. Someday)