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ABS...Just ABS...


i need help with reducing my bodyfat percentage so i can have those abs everyone wants to show through.. i was recommended this book to help guide me through the proper diets i need to acheive the abs i want. I would like to know your opinions, is this book worth trying? what are the best exercises for abs? if this book isnt worth my time, please point me in the right direction.. which book/plan should i be focused on that will keep me lean.

Here is a link to the book i was referring to http://shop.menshealth.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/ProductDisplay?catalogId=10004&storeId=10053&productId=14778&langId=-1

any info would be greatly appreciated.. thank you


before buying anything, search the archives for different articles about nutrition and or diet. Keep reading up on it and find the one that you'd like to do and do it and stick with it. as for abs exercises there are so many but stick with the basic, crunches and maybe some russian twists for obliques.




what do you mean "stats"


That is Professor X's preliminary post to confirm that you are under 130lbs before he reams you out for wanting to cut your body fat to look like the poster of Macauley Caulkin in your room.


stats: statistics.
Body composition and current strength levels. Generally comprised of:
A. height
B. mass (body weight)
C. age
D. body fat % (do NOT post if you have not had it measured. "I think it is 8%" is not acceptable)
E. Bench press weight
F. Squat weight (If you don't squat, go away)
G. Deadlift weight (If you do not know what a deadlift is go away)
H. Squat-rack curl (if you do these, shoot yourself)

However, be warned that you will be mocked horrendously if you post something like "I am 15, 5'9", 135#. I think I have like 6% bodyfat. I don't squat or deadlift. But I can curl the 15# dumbbells for 12 reps!"


Please say "I'm 5'11" 137lbs!"


i dont understand why people on this forum dont understand that different people simply have different goals... who said we all have to be powerlifters or bodybuilders. some ppl just want to be thin, others want abs for the ladies or whatever reason, others want to improve in certain sports, others want better health, etc.

why can't we just all help each other out...

-"i want to see my abs"
- ok, if all you care about is abs you do this, this, and that

  • "i want to gain mass
  • for mass you do this this and that


why can't we just help everyone do what they want to do instead of ridiculing them because they dont want to be like us?

sure i have totally different goals than he does but i definitly have no reason to mock him. i respect his goal just as he should respect mine.

now can't somone come in here and simply tell him how to get nice abs to show?

(btw posting your stats will help others help you).


p.s. Prof X is a pretty smart guy. i doubt he's so stupid he can't get it into his head (like some of you guys) that not everyone wants to be like him.

i'm sure he asked about the guy's stats to help him reach his goal.


I actually asked it in hopes that, in the case that he is some scrawny guy who barely even lifts weights once a week, I can guide him away from this site and towards Men's Health or Bodybuilding.com where he will be around those of his own kind. Then again, perhaps the "Abercrombie fitness" or the "Pop 'yo Pink Collar" web site is up and he can really get the help he needs.


I don't know, maybe because this is called TESTOSTERONE Nation, not stunningfitnessgirls.com?


lol, well if you read at the top of the page it does say "Bodybuilding Think Tank" that gives me the impression that this website should be full of bodybuilders, not scrawny 5 ft 11 guys at 137 pounds. But who knows, maybe this guy is different


DAAAAYUM, he broke it doooooown!


Don't waste your money on that book. I see it on the coffee tables of so many new clients who want me to help them lose weight!
Start by searching the site for Lonnie Lowery's 100 Workpouts From Ripped City & Christian Thibaudeau's Carb Cycling Codex.

Then.....do the cardio, start the carb cycling & tweak it as you go along. Keep the weights heavy as well. You'll see your abs when the fat comes down. You can do a million crunches but you abs won't show when they are covered in blubber. Enjoy them when they appear!


maybe the guy realized that the best place to find information about losing weight in the midsection and getting nice abs was from bodybuilders.


You know, I appreciate this. But you know, it's not so easy to get great abs without having any muscle for most people. The majority of people without any appreciable muscle aren't going to be able to drop their bodyfat low enough to get solid abs. They need to realize this even if it's what they think they want and their top priority.


And the best information is probably that he needs to add a certain amount more muscle first to reach his goals even if he has no interest in ultimately looking like a bodybuilder. It doesn't bother me that not everyone coming to T-Nation has the same goals. It's inevitable and I think there's room for everyone. And it's a great place because whatever your goals, you can find the tools anc information to meet them. But their are certain objective realities. And telling someone who's 130 to lose more fat to achieve their goals is not one of them.




you're right. that's why we need to know his stats. by the way just in case you misunderstood me, i wasnt telling him to lose fat, i was giving fat loss as an example. i have no idea what he needs as we dont have any stats or pics. and yeah building muscle is the best way, as you said.


Pretty much sums up everything that needs to be said,and considering there has been no stats as of yet I guess he found a site that better suits his goals.