Abs? How Many Reps?

“One muscle” Yes, sure, one muscle GROUP. People seem to forget that every muscle is made up of multiple fibers. Duh!

If you want to target the fibers in the lower RA, do reverse crunches and leg-hip raises. But it’s imperative that your lower spine flex during the movement, otherwise you’re only working the hip flexors. And it’s the spinal flexor (RA) that constitutes the 6-pack. Good luck.

[quote]GathCity wrote:
raiders wrote:
abs are all one muscle theres no upper/lower…

Rectus Abdominis, aponeurosis
Internal Oblique
External Oblique

Pyramidalis (lower muscle)
Cremaster (lower muscle)

Crunches and leg raises are two completly different exercise, therefore it should be obvious that they stimulate different areas of the muscle.

The Pectoralis Major is one muscle and I’m sure you use more than one angle to stimulate different areas of it.

my bad, i didn’t know i was dealing with someone who knows how to use google and copy/paste and try and nitpick my fact with technicalities.

[quote]raiders wrote:
my bad, i didn’t know i was dealing with someone who knows how to use google and copy/paste and try and nitpick my fact with technicalities.[/quote]

I hope you’re kidding!

Exercise and proper nutrition aren’t just things I focus on on the weekends, or when I have nothing better to do. They’re part of my life.

Knowing what muscles you’re working when doing an exercise just seems like a good idea to me.

Your ignorance towards the subject is no need to get upset with me. Are you here to learn, or aren’t you?

raiders you are a complete dumbass, the abs are not one muscle group, even though gray anatomy doesn?t show it the abdominals are a complicated muscle group consisting of lower and upper abs.

Other than those being the main ones trained, there are others that are also trained, like internal and external obliques, all the linea stuff, psoas. You wouldn?t think that there is only one big ass muscle protecting your fragile organs now would you.

Next time you go and work your abs and just do your crunches, why don?t you try doing some hanging leg lifts wit ha 5 sec hold at the top of your lift, i bet you cant do it, Well you know why because you are probably used to training your upper abs, and not the lower abs.

Just because a muscle cant be seen that well doesn?t mean it shouldn?t be training.

Ok, who should I trust on this thread?

there is ALWAYS going to be debate on every aspect of lifting, health, sex, politics etc etc etc someone will believe one thing to be the only truth and someone else wont and yet someone else will take a bit from the two

the RA is one muscle, sure you can do different exersizes to get more feeling in certain parts of it, try doing sit ups or crunches to failure, then try doing leg raises or knee ups and tell me that it doesnt work the whole muscle

Train your abs like any other muscle-group.