Abs? How Many Reps?

I’ve not much trained my abs… I’ve always thought of them as… just something to do after exercise because they have always been fine and I can’t complain about them.

But now I’m going to train them hard. So my question is, what kind of exercises should I do to get nice abs? I’m not fat so that’s not the problem.

So, what should I do many reps? What exercises hit the lower abs? What exercises hit the “side” abs?

Weighted Sit-ups work upper abs quite well for me, while leg lifts hit the lower abs really well.

Hanging Pikes seem to work my whole stomach area.

Situps - 3 sets/10 reps.
Leg Lifts - 3 sets/30 reps.
Hanging Pike - 3 Sets/8 reps.

[quote]Columbu wrote:
So, what should I do many reps? What exercises hit the lower abs? What exercises hit the “side” abs?[/quote]

The basics:

weighted crunches 12-20 3 sets

sidebends 10-15 3 sets

Russian twists 8-12 per side 3 sets

That’d be just a start. More advanced things could fill a tome.


i live for abe training. Ever since i found legendary abs online i have used it to build some strong ass abs.


check that out for more info on abs workout…they are short and every effective

Diet is the key to make your six pack appear.

Don’t worry about ab training. Yeh come on and flame me; bastards ;-). It really isn’t necessary, since most compound movements recruit the abs to a fair degree; squats, deadlift, pull-up, chin-up, even push ups. If you have good variation in your routine then you really do not need direct ab-work.

And just incase you are a n00b who thinks 1000 situps is the key to a six-pack: it isn’t. 2000? No, that wont work either.

However, I also hate the people who say “It’s diet, it’s diet, do the abs diet, its ace!” They are just rebranding the phrase “toning up” and we all KNOW that that’s an evil word.

But it can be done…

It’s just as well that proffessor X can’t jump in half way through posts because he would now…

Little would he know that i was going to say:

But it can be done… by losing fat, and/or gaining muscle.

P.S I sincerely hope you arn’t the kid who’s 120lbs 15% 5ft 8, wanting to get ripped; because your really bulky now.

Also if you are making time for situps in your workout, you obviously are not working hard enough, or cant be bothered to work hard, or spending TOO long in the gym.

i dont know about you but he is right, man i used to do like 200sit ups a day, and i still didnt get a six pack.

THen i started training smart, legendary abs style and well i am well on my way to l-sit.And i already got a six pack, just need to strengthen my abs more.

alstan90, i do have to agree with you on some things but not doing abs at all is bad. I mean i train hard, really hard “what is pain,pain is just a feeling!!!”, but i find that at the end i got about 6 min to do abs, it all pays of at the end, my posture improved,i got better form on major lifts.Even though i do deadlift,squat, and clean i want to have a amazingly strong core so i do dirrect ab training.

but ofcourse i am interested in performing certain gymnastic moves, so i do need ab training.It really depends on your goals if you want to train them or not, but trust me doing 200-1000 sit ups a day isnt gonna do shit.Do legendary abs man, your shits gonna be burning.

I’m not fat so that’s not the problem, I just want to shape them. I’ve got strong an solid upper abs, but I’ve got weak lower.

abs are all one muscle theres no upper/lower…

I don’t agree.

[quote]raiders wrote:
abs are all one muscle theres no upper/lower…[/quote]

I completely agree. The best thing is when som noob comes and asks “how do I train my lower abs. I can see my upper ones but can’t see the lower ones?”

I train my abs 5 times a week. MWF is balance (swiss) ball crunches 100 front and 60 each side for obliques. I’ve had good sucess with weighted incline crunches also. Grab a 25lb plate, hold it across your chest (or behind your head - be real carful or you can screw up your neck) and go to failure. Rinse and repeat. I do ab work in the morning after cardio. Best advice, diet - diet - diet. Mine sucks (and thus all you see are the edges of the 6 pack) but I’ve got a strong core. Read and excellent article a year or so ago here by Christane Lamy (Trib’s significant other). Here’s the link http://www.T-Nation.com/findArticle.do?article=05-035-training

[quote]Columbu wrote:
I don’t agree.[/quote]

you can’t disagree with a fact

Nautilus Crunch mach. 30lbs 3x15 3xwk

Thats it simple effecetive.

wait it depends… do you want strong abs…or just goodlooking ones.

Good looking.

oh…ok then, don?t come crying back when u get hit in the gut and get your air blown out then 4 butt munches give your ass a good tug job…


Anyway, this is what you need to focus on just cardio and diet, maybe some sit ups every now and then but that?s basically it. Every one has a six pack, its just that it is underneath a layer of fat. So it would be best to get rid of your fat layer and bring your body fat down to the single digit point around 5-9%.

hahha im sorry that was just too funy you stating the fact that the RA is just one sheet of muscle and him disagreeing PRICELESS

[quote]Columbu wrote:
I don’t agree.[/quote]

This is pretty funny, I almost spat my coffee on my laptop!

Check out the middle/lower abs article under the “Building a Better Body” forum, your question has been answered in more detail.

Also, there are no lower/upper abs. The abs (Rectus Abdominis) is one muscle.

[quote]raiders wrote:
abs are all one muscle theres no upper/lower…[/quote]

Rectus Abdominis, aponeurosis
Internal Oblique
External Oblique

Pyramidalis (lower muscle)
Cremaster (lower muscle)

Crunches and leg raises are two completly different exercise, therefore it should be obvious that they stimulate different areas of the muscle.

The Pectoralis Major is one muscle and I’m sure you use more than one angle to stimulate different areas of it.