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Abs/Grip/Rotators: When?


When Should I work on rotar cuff muscles, abs, and grip. I'm following the westside split and really like it. It's just that I think it'd be better if I did rotar cuff work and grip/neck training on an off day..2 times a week.

So far I've been doing one upper and one lower ab exercise on my ME squat day..and then on DE squat day I'm doing one lateral flexion (ex. side bends) and then a rotational exercise (ex. russian twists, full contact twists)..Should I just do the core training on the off days along with grip/neck and rotar cuff or stick to how it is now? ALSO is working the upper/lower and lateral/rotation once a week enough??


I would strongly encourage you to pick up Ian Kings Get Buffed books I-III.

If not watch his control drills and abdominal training videos.

Your answers can be found there.

External D.B. rotations are a good control drill and can be a good rotator cuff exercise. I would do these @ the begining of the workout to warm up the shoulder muscles prior workout.

Abdominals train where you feel the need for them? Are they lagging? Do they need priority over other muscles groups? If yes, early in the workout. If no, @ the end? Is your goal abdominal maint., increase strength, speed, definition?

"Failing to plan is planning to fail:.


It isn't a bad idea to do some external rotations with only the weight of your arm to warm up, but I definitely wouldn't work them out at the start of a workout. They are very small muscles and responsible for stabilization. Work them at the end of your workout and schedule them so they have at least a day or two before your next upper body workout.


Alright well for the Rotar Cuff. After my ME day I'm pretty damn tired as I'll do the ME movemnt, then work the triceps, delts, and lats, and traps. So that's 5 exercises already. It would be okay then to add one rotar cuff exercise and then switch it every so often??