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Abs Fatulous

I’m now at 10 % BF. Down from 13 % six weeks ago. I’ve been doing cardio work using shorter higher intensity periods to achive this fat burn. I do this 4 days a week.

I still have love handles. I know that abs fat comes off last but the big Q is is it the first fat to come back on? If I get rid of it asap is Abs Fat the first to reemerge?


If you had love handles your whole life it may be “baby fat”. This means that once you get it off it won’t necessarily be the first to re-emerge.

But the more likely answer to your question is, yes.


darn it!

My experience yes. In general you gain fat inside out (ie. stomach to limbs), and lose it outside in (ie. limbs to stomach).

double darn it…how low does one have to go in bf terms to get rid of this stuff?

i think it is highly individual. it depends on where you store your fat. obviously you like me, store the majority of your bf in your gut. i am about 8-9% right now and can see abs in certain lighting and from the right angle but the handles are still there. i think i might need to get down to at least 6% to get some definition in the abs. either way im going to do it this summer no matter what it takes.