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Abs Exercise Suggestion For Strength


I am looking for an abs exercise that would be easy to perform in the 3-5 rep range?

I only have hanging knee raise and weighted decline crunch in mind…

Any suggestions?

Thanks for help.

Look up “Dragon Flags,” the first time I tried them, I could do 1 correctly, I worked up to about 3 sets of 6-8 in a few weeks.

Yes. Have multiple compound movements in your workouts. Squats, Deads, Cleans, walking lunges,overhead presses… all working abs while lifting. If you’re already doing that, and looking for more, maybe some rope crunches or weighted leg raises. Hope this helps.

Heavy cable ab work, heavy side bends, Heavy OH walks clean and press bar lock it out and walk kills the core, Nail some rotational work and well and heavy static holds like bridges with plate on your back. Those, what you listed and compound moves