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Abs Every Day on 5/3/1?


hey Jim!
in the routine of assisstance work #2 for 5/3/1, could you do abs every day you lift? for example, could you do body planks on bench day, sit ups on military day and so forth...i just wasn't sure if those abs exercises would interfere with the program or not and i hope this is a valid question and not a stupid one.


That sounds fine. Provided your ab work doesn't make you so sore it compromises your SQ or DL a day or two later, do it whenever you want.


Just giving an opinion here, but your hitting the core pretty hard when doing Deads and Squats on 5-3-1. Abs need rest as well.

I personally dont see a benefit to doing them daily. But I guess you could experiment.


I agree with this. Is there a particular reason you want to work abs every day?


i'm gonna post my routine up later today, but i don't think it will compromise anything. i was planning on doing 1 exercise of abs each lift day. i know they get activated while sqting/ and DLing, but i'm kind of the old school guy where i train everything directly. abs after sqting, tri's after chest etc. i don't have good enough genetics to let the smaller muscles "be worked" and not train them directly....if someone has done the 5/3/1 program without doing abs or thinks doing 1 exercise per day would damper the results, please by all means, let me know.


haha yea, summer is around the corner


You should probably do curls everyday. On your non-curl days, you should curl. Replace deadlifts with curls.


STB, y u no post on blog?


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what does?


Why the fuck are you doing a routine mainly geared towards powerlifting if you're looking to have aBzz and bicepz for the summer? Just switch to a bodybuilding split.


i'm not doing biceps. the guy that suggested doing biceps everyday was being a smart ass and i played along. i'm following the routine as it is in the book with the possible 1 exercise of abs on the lift days. that's why i asked the question that i did.


As a powerlifter, you shouldnt have to or need to work abs directly everyday. Id say twice. As far as working biceps, I would say just pick one exercise a week. Look at the Q&A section at EFS. Your questions will probably be answered. Just keep it simple man.


honestly i have to disagree with most of the posts here, i do hyper extensions and an ab exercise 4-6 times a week out of 6 days of training, this is the best thing i have ever done. My back is less sore, and my core is stronger yet not overtrained. Picking one movement for 3-4 sets of abs a day will help improve ab strength alot while not burning out. I say do it, just vary the movements and hit all parts of the core, lower, upper, obliques and erectors.


Gotta second this...it all depends on your weaknesses...I started doing blast strap fallouts 2-3 sessions per week and my back issues all but went away and my core was much stronger...