Abs Diet Book Worth It?

I am considering buying MH’s Abs diet book.

Should I save my money and just follow Berardis 10 Habits?

I have the book, and while it’s not bad, it is limited to very basic info. There’s nothing revolutionary about it, mostly focusing on certian foods;


Dairy (low-fat or fat-free)
Instant oatmeal
Turkey and other lean meats

Peanut butter
Olive oil
Whole grains
Extra Protein (Whey)

“Abs diet power,” get it? It’s a nifty marketing device, but IMHO, you’ve got all that info and more on this site.

Follow Berardi’s 10 habits they will get you a lot further than the abs diet. It isn’t a bad book at all I bought it a few years back before I knew of T-Nation. Obviously with the wealth of knowledge available in the article database over here you have far better info at your fingertips. Basically the abs diet is what the above poster said (food choices) along with eating every 2-3 hours and a weight training regime…


There’s a lot more info on T-Nation than in the book. If you decide to get it, look for it used at amazon or half.com. The Metabolism Advantage (by Berardi) is better, in my opinion. It’s a Men’s Health book also.

no - you can get more from Berardis free “?ssential Berardi” from his website. covers everything in the abs diet & a hell of alot more.

Can you post a link to the Essential Berardi article?

Nah, theres no link, you get it emailed to you free when you sign up for his newsletter.