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Abs Cramping...


I can do lots of ab work of different kinds but many times if I do too much I get these horendous ab cramps. Sometimes I can't leave the gym for 10-15 mins. waiting for them to relax. Any ideas?



Hey, yeah, I've got these once or twice. Hunch over, walk funny, sit down, bad idea, stand up, just plain ouch.

I found that after pushing the abs it was a good idea to stretch (stand up straight) and relax them a bit... before doing anything that might make them contract, forcefully or not.

Yeah, not much help, I know. Is it lack of potassium that can lead to a higher likelihood of getting cramps? If so, eat a banana from time to time or something.


I get them all the time after extensive ab work but usually it's hours afterward when I try to sit up in bed or something. Hydrating with electrolytes is a good idea to prevent them but when it happens I just stretch back as far as I can and wait for them to dissipate. At least it's an extra isotonic workout.


I used to get cramps all the time; I have got cramps in my tongue :slight_smile: I still get them on occasion, but not in my tongue. I find Magnesium to be the best medicine. I also find that all kinds of magnesium don't work the same.I get no benifit for the chelated mag.Right now I am taking Magnesium Oxide and Aspartate.


Thanks. I thought maybe electrolites or something like that. Yeah, maybe I should add some cal/mag or ZMA.