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Abs Cramping During Workout


Anyone of you experienced this problem before?

Whenever i do crunching movements, either machine or unsupported, my abs will start to cramp up real bad after the 2nd or 3rd set and i cant continue the movement anymore. Hanging leg raises do not give mi the same problem though.

I dun train abs regularly so it could be because my abs are weak. I have also heard people saying that supplementing with magnesium helps. Any other suggestions?


stretch them and strengthen them.

I got it for a number of years after my abs cramped up during a heavy bench session, the top abs contracted and would not relax for about 20 seconds! It looked like a sausage sticking out of shirt - I crapped myself thinking it was a hernia...


Few things...
1. more fluids before, during, after training
2. soft tissue work on your abs. Use a lacrosse ball. Hurts like hell but it's necessary if you want them to stop cramping on you.