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Abs, Cardio, and Diet for "Best Damn Workout"?

I had a question regarding one of your articles, “The Best Damn Workout Plan for Natural Lifters”. Would any ab work or cardio need to be added to this plan? Also, is there a specific diet plan that would compliment this plan? https://www.t-nation.com/training/the-best-damn-workout-plan-for-natural-lifters

ab work yes 4 weeks on 2 weeks off blitz, cardio no it kill the mtor activation, you can walk 30-45 mins every morning or every night depending when you train.

Any specific movements, rep ranges, sets you’d recommend?

Abs can be added daily for around 4 weeks then 2-3 weeks off of direct abs work. I normally recommend doing a superset of one loaded and one unloaded abs exercise for 3-4 sets.

Cardio is tricky. Too much of it CAN inhibit mTor activation which will reduce growth but if the intensity and duration are kept low (for example 20 min at a heart rate of around 115) there will be no problem. But I personally did my cardio as a separate session (AM cardio, later training).

As for which diet plan… can you be more vague??? For what goal? Gaining musce, getting leaner? How do you respond to carbs? What is your life like? Do you have a physical job? A stressful one? See the diet part has to be individualized There is no best diet for a program…

Thanks for the info on abs and cardio. Sorry for the vagueness on the diet question. My job is not too physical and very stressful. I work at a call center in the development department. My goal is to get leaner while adding muscle, if that’s possible. To my knowledge I don’t respond badly to carbs. I’m 6.5’ at 223lbs. My BMI is 29.8. My funds that go toward groceries are a little low so I can’t contribute a huge portion toward food. Hopefully this information is helpful and gives the information you were looking for.

You know what? That’s just as broad… of course everybody wants to lose fat and building muscle. And most of them never achieve neither. You gotta have ONE focus and any gains in the other department is bonus

Coach, speaking of cardio inhibiting mTor…while doing this program and maximum hypertrophy being the goal…would 2 sessions weekly of krav maga (1,5 hours session consisting of circuit trainings, technique practice and some sparing) affect growth?
Is it better to leave one day off of both weights and kravmaga, or do 1 KM training on that is supposed to be weight training off day?
Thank you :slight_smile: