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Abs are Made in Kitchen, But What Is the Effect of Exercise?


So they say Abs (and Obliques) are made in the kitchen. But surely Weight training while bulking helps them grow and then be more pronounced later when you cut. Am I correct on this?


In general, making a muscle bigger and stronger will never be a bad thing.


Yes, sir you are correct


If you get your abs to grow through training then they will stick out more, making them more defined. There is tissue between them that gives them their six pack look. That tissue won’t change or move.

Larger abs can give you a six pack even if you’re holding a bit of extra fat.

Occasionally I do weighted DB crunches with a 100lb DB. I anchor my feet. I’ll do sets of 10 or do 10 bottom half/10 top half/10 full with a lighter DB. From a “functional” standpoint this is probably pointless because I won’t ever have to do trunk flexion against resistance. This is strictly for aesthetic purposes and it works for me.


It’s exactly like any other muscle, just because you have low enough body fat to see it clearer doesn’t mean it will look impressive. Plenty of skinny folk with low body fat and not much muscle mass.

I think training them directly is a fantastic idea. You can really build some good muscle there and change the way they look when lean.

The above pic is me at a pretty low body fat.
The below one is me at a much higher body fat but with well built abs.