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Abs and Strength


Is it possible to stay strong and get my abs on a low caloric diet when i am drug free? Here my body weight 230 with 15-16% body fat, i eat 3500 cal per day, 250 gr of protein, 500 gr of carbs, and 15% of my diet is fat (good fat), i workout 6 day per week, 1h30 per day, abs 3 days a week. And what would be the best way to divise my caloric intake trough out the day if i workout in the morning right after my breakfast?

And is it true that doing my cardio with an empty stomach will help me to burn fat fastly, and what is the best duration for my cardio session, someone says 20 min interval workout, others says 60 min at 55% of my vo2max, i'm so confuse about all that things, i just wanna get abs and be strong!!!!
thank for your helps dude!