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ABS and BF %


Hello everybody.I will ask some of the pros here about getting below 10 % body fat.I follow a strict diet since 1 year,i would say a perfect diet-never eat junk food during that period,never eat sweet (chokolate,candy etc),i do cardio 3-4 times per week,eat pure brown rice without salt,pure chicken breasts,fish,nuts,beans etc. without any salt and i still cant drop to 6-7 % body fat.I only do a cheat day once a week on a regular basis to see if thats gonna work,but nothing changed.If someone in here has ever dropped out his body fat to 6-7 %,give me some advice.I am almost desperate,i worked so hard and i want to achieve what i've started...there must be a way?


To get down that low will be near impossible if you are eating rice, beans etc.. And if you domget their, you will burn too much muscle doing that.

You need to jump onto the anabolic diet (cyclical ketogenic diet). Eating only meat and fat during the week (no carbs), and then recharging on carbs for 30 hours over the weekend. Your body will turn to fat for energy, and you can nock BF% down quite easily while maintaining and increasing muscle. It has so many added benefits (like increased testosterone, increased release of growth hormone over the weekend etc). Also, you will not be hungry on this diet, and energy will increase.

Anyway, google 'Anabolic Diet pdf' and download a copy of the book..


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I guess every bodybuilder I know personally or through reading who has never gone "lowcarb" or used the anabolic diet..their abs must not be real.


It's a good thing I hardly ate carbs over the week or else I wouldn't have dropped over 30lbs and brought bodyfat down to approx. 10-11%. Oh wait.. I did that eating near 300gs of carbs 4 days a week..


you dropped over 30lbs and brought your bodyfat down to 10-11% in this past week?




ignorant... no offense MIK but you have some research to do


i think he meant losing 30 lbs overall, while eating high carbs 4 times per week in the process...


yeah i know what he meant... i was just messing with him


LOL. Dude, I was merely pointing out that if he wants to get far under 10% bodfat, then his diet should not be strongly focused on eating beans, potato etc.. Of course he can get that low (over a long time) if he eats the correct carbs, correct amount, with good timing. AD was a suggestion, not the only way. LOL


Many body builders out there keep beans, potatos etc. in their diet getting to very low bodyfat levels. You said it was nearly impossible to get low bodyfat percent with moderate/high carb intake, when in fact people have been doing it for years.


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Well,i eat carbs only with the first 2 meals of the day.I think that 100 grams of oat and 1-2 slices of whole grain bread after workout is ok...I cannot imagine to reduce the carbs to only 30 grams/day...But i am ready to accomplish my mission,so i will do what it takes.How many of you that had tried the AD are satisfied with it?


How many calories do you eat every day?




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