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Abroad Has Not Treated Me Well!

Well here’s the story: I broke my foot last October and took a couple months off to allow it to fully heal. By the time it healed, I was on the plane to Europe for a semester and now here I stand. We have nearly 30 hours of class a week plus some, and…well I’ve been just plain too lazy to get to the gym that’s a couple miles away from my apartment. The only real exercise we get over here is walking around the city 5-7 miles a day.

Of course, I’m going to get back into the swing of things when I get back and settle in again after the jet lag wears off but am looking for a bit of advice, as I haven’t done this in a while. I was thinking of starting off with good ol’ Super Squats when I got back to kickstart my body into shape. That wouldn’t be too extreme to start myself with after the kind of break I’ve had, now would it? Flame away for my lack of motivation!

Did you intentionally double post this?

If so, please don’t.

If you had read my other post, I said that my internet connection is poor and consequently the page stopped loading…so I re-sent what I had typed. It’s been deleted anyway so problem solved!

No problem, just that the subject lines were different so it looked possibly intentional.

Maybe you’ll get others to flame your lack of motivation, but I’ll be honest with you: I’ve lost my motivation when I’ve been injured. When I can’t train, I also lose my motivation to be good with my diet. I cut a chunk of flesh off the top of my foot last fall, the wound got a stubborn infection, and I couldn’t put any weight on the foot for several months. It was murder. With the thick scar I now have neuropathy and can’t tolerate many shoes. So I have a lot of sympathy now for foot injuries.