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Abreviated 2 Day Schedules?

I’m getting ready to have a really busy 2-3 months, and in preparation, am going to cut back my training. Anyone have any good abreviated routines for 2 days of training a week (I may occationally have time to add an extra day in a week). Thanks for the help.

I dont have a link handy for this one but do a search for “Part Time Beast” by CT. It may be exactly what you are looking for. Or you could simply do 2 full body sessions each week.

Hope this helps,

Military or Behind the Neck presses
Romanian deadlift
grip work

Deadlift or Sumo deadlift or Snatch grip deadlift or Half Deadlift or one arm deadlift
Bench presses (bb or dbs) or V bar dips
Barbell row or db row or Pulley
Front Squat
grip work

For sets and reps see Big boy basics or TBT by Chad Waterbury.
If you like you may try the 20 reps Squat + db straight arm pullover (see Ian King’s the bulk building routine).
If you like Olympian lifts you may add the clean on monday and the snatch on thursday or viceversa as first exercises.
Hope that helps!

try a good old 5x5 with just the basics day one hang clean, bench, squat, curl. day two miltary press , bentleg deadlift, row. ab and calf work on both days,