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Above-Range Free T on TRT. Am I Doing the Right Thing?

Shbg 84 or so and free test was 6. Both bad in range. I started trt 3 months ago at 200mg weekly with hcg. My total was 701
Which was great naturally. Was this a good idea to get on trt. I feel great but other forums have me worrying about my future health if I keep those dose going. My new labs show test is 1100 now and free is above range. Just don’t want to damage my body long term. Any advice

TRT was the right call and I don’t understand your concerns about damage long term comment. Total T is bound to SHBG, Free T is the active portion of testosterone the exerts it influence on the body, higher Free T is healthier than lower.

Being a little bit above ranges isn’t a concern especially if your other biomarkers are healthy.

You asked if this a good idea to get on TRT, then you stated you feel great. That pretty much says it’s healthy otherwise you would feel bad.

Free test of 6 is enough proof for the need for trt for me. I have symptoms I’m the low teens.

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Yeah I agree. Those people on AnabolicMinds basically saying it will shut my body down for good and total t is great so why not fix the issue of high shbg only and then that will take care of free test. They had me super worried. I’m on 200 mg week which they stated is a mild cycle and can mess me up which I kinda believed. I am strong and bigger than ever after a few months on 200 mg so not sure if that’s healthy or natural for body

You already started. You are going to be ok. I do agree trying to lower high shbg, but there are zero proven techniques to do this. It could be caused by supplements or vitamins one takes and stopping those might help. Who knows.

Otherwise don’t listen to them. There’s plenty of folks who run the same numbers your running. You also have to realize lab ranges are dropping every year. Maybe every couple years idk. Several years ago the lab ranges for total and free t were higher. Now it’s even lower and they also changed the measuring units.

Symptom resolution is your goal. You can play around with the dose and find your minimal levels. The level where you still feel great but if it’s lowered you will start experiencing symptoms.

You made the decision already. there’s no other option but to get off TrT and make your life a living hell.

I would not rely on this. Don’t focus on the lab range, go with your results and how well you feel. Exogenous test will bring SHBG down. Was your total test 701 before you started?

Yes. 701 total and total was always good but free test low and kinda felt tired, little overweight with good diet. Bloated feeling and high blood pressure. Believe blood pressure is better now and sleep has been somewhat better and sex drive is good. Just don’t want fuck myself up down road. I suppose with hcg it helps if I ever want to try and come off? Is 200 too high dose. It has brought my free test to 2 points over range in 2 months from being 1 point below. From 6 to 21 or so

it will.

Does not appear to be too high. How old are you?

38 years old. Had prior pro hormone use without pct back when I was like 23-28 or so. Like superdrol and shit like
That. Would always recover well and be fine. Maybe now that’s why my free t sucks. Also take propecia now that I am on trt bc my hair is starting thin somewhat

I would stop propecia immediately, have you not heard of post finasteride syndrome? It can cause permanent brain/receptor damage. Treatment of male rats with finasteride, an inhibitor of 5alpha-reductase enzyme, induces long-lasting effects on depressive-like behavior, hippocampal neurogenesis, neuroinflammation and gut microbiota composition.

It would surprise me at all if someday people who took finasteride years earlier start suffering from alzheimer like symptoms do to neuroinflammation caused by finasteride, by then it’s too late to do anything.


The Post-Finasteride Syndrome is a serious state of permanent sexual, mental, and physical side effects which do not resolve after quitting the drug. Most often, it is accompanied by an acquired form of secondary hypogonadism and post-drug loss of androgenic action, which remains highly resistant to hormonal PFS treatment.

This is aimed at restoring Testosterone/DHT’s effects in the male body to pre-drug virility levels. It is also surmised by the few specialists in the medical field that a type of receptor or “brain damage” has occurred. As often seen with such damage, recovery is very slow or now questioned whether possible at all. Needless to say, men suffering from PFS are plagued with any physical, mental, and emotional symptoms that have led to long term depression, marital problems and divorce, and now several reports cases of suicide.

I would rather be shot than take propecia.


I’ll second the very good advice above. Without the being shot part……….but, I’ve never taken finasteride.


Yup and a few guys have come here and started trt for that reason if I recall properly. Shits rediculous they still give this to men. Sad really

Any alternatives work such as saw palmetto

Not sure really. I think dht or dhea plays a role in hair health as well. Look into which hormones can thin hair and get those tested. You might supplement one or the other. I read about this somewhere. Look into it. Otherwise focus on health and deal with hair later once stable.

Yes the alternative is to drop the T dose so DHT is not so high.
The higher the TT the higher the DHT and what does propecia do blocks DHT. Just drop it on your own with less T every week.
With high SHGB I would do 1 shot a week large dose of T are know to reduce SHGB over time. pre TRT my shgb was 38 it is now (4 years later) my shgb is 24.


So I started trt and weighed 206 and now 3 months later I am 212 or so. Is this normal. E2 is in check as I get bloods once a month. My waistline actually is the same and feel it’s water. The doc said changing ester might help. Currently on ethanate. Your thoughts? Another hormone to check?