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About Your Next Book

Hey Jim,
You said a month ago you’ll publish a new book soon, how soon will it be?
We all are extremely excited!

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I’m curious about this as well

I am too! Shit just keeps getting added and subtracted and edited. When I write a book, I aim to think of all the questions and eliminate them as much as I can. And writing about a complex idea such as programming ALL of training and making it incredibly simple - this is not easy to do.

Maybe I’m getting wiser in my older age but “it will be done when it is done.” it’ll be nice to fall back on the “read the book” answer since this will have all the answers to the questions about templates and programming.


I’m just hoping it’ll get published before I’m finishing my training stage and getting deployed haha.
Can you explain us about the process of your writing? Are you just taking the best and most complicated questions on this forum and your owns and answering as simple as possible over the book?

I write what I know. Then I ask, " How will someone totally fuck this up and misinterpret this?"


Cant wait jim, I have never been a big reader or into books , but i got both, 531 second edition & beyond books. I loved reading them, so much info!!! They have not only helped with my training but also got me reading more, which is destressing to me it self.

That’s great to hear - reading makes up one of the three pillars of my life. It can do great things for just about every human - keep at it and it will pay off in the end.


What are your other two pillars, if you don’t mind me asking?

Writing and physical culture. All 3 must be done everyday to ensure “health” (for me). Keeps me grounded. Keeps me on track.

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Great outlook and approach to living your life.