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? About Waterbury's Set/Rep Bible

I’d like to set up my own workout based on CW’s Set/Rep Bible article, but with some modifications. For one, my ass and quads/hams are big enough so I don’t want to train them as much, although my goals for the rest of my body is to grow. I’d like strength later, but right now I just want to grow, grow, Grow!
Based on CW’s theory, my set up looks like this:

Day 1
Incline D.B. Press
Reverse Delt Flyes
Arnold Press
Bicep Curls
Incline D.B. Flyes
High Cable Rows
Anterior Tib. Dorsiflexion
Standing Calf Raises

Day 2
Neutral-grip Weighted Pull-Ups
Single-leg Squat
Flat Bench D.B. Press
Romanian D.L.'s
Supine Cable Tricep P.D.'s
Zercher Squats

Day 4
Alternating Shoulder Press
Incline D.B. Curls
Decline D.B. Press
Anterior Tib. Dorsiflexion
Cable Tricep Pull-Downs
Leg Press Calf Press
D.B. Crucifix
Skull Crushers

Day 5
Inch Worm (w/hold)
Wide-Grip Deadlift
Seated External Rotations
Cable Flyes
Straight-Arm Pull-Downs
Hang Pulls
Seated Calf Raise
Ab/Adductor work

Would like some critiquing on this, since I’m not sure if I have too many exercises/too much volume.

problem, I see is VERY litte variance in day 2 4 and 5 those are VERY VERY close to the same reps and sets. Id mix the day 5 up
a bit more maybe a 12 - 15 rep day, and then prob go HAVY on another day like 8x3.

Im also just Itching to see pics posted of these over grown wheels if thats true its a very unique problem


Thanks for the reply. I’ll try to switch up the set/rep scheme and see how it works.