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? about use of ZMA

I was looking into using ZMA as a supplement but it recommends to take it on an empty stomach before bed (and to make sure and not have any calcium) and before bed I drink a protein shake with casein and milk protein.

What is a better supplement ZMA or my anti-catabolic shake?


Why not just take ZMA 30-60 minutes before your shake?

They do different things.

Here’s an idea - substitute your shake for a solid meal containing no calcium. A little bit of salmon might do it, plus it has neat ammounts of omega-3 fatty acids which will your hormone profile, thus speeding up recovery and body composition - a great addition to ZMA (barring any minerals that interfere with MA or Z, obviously).

As long as you get your protein prior to bed, you’re all set. A lot of hype is put into ‘anti-catabolic protein supplements’. All you really need is a good source of protein, your omega-3s and your ZMA. These 3 by themselves will work wonders and they sure as hell will put you in an anti-catabolic state.

Well if you want to get technical salmon is not exactly low in calcium. 1/4 cup contains 10 percent of the RDA and most people eat 1/2 can minimum at once which would be roughly 40 percent of the RDA.

I agree with the first one who posted. I have to train later at night so it is impossible to take my ZMA on an empty stomach, so I just take it 30-60 min. before that final meal…problem solved.

Also, ya gotta remember that it’s not like the ZMA won’t absorb at all if it isn’t done on an empty stomach…it’s simply BETTER absorption.