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About to Turn 40, Time to Improve My Dadbod


Chest thismorning
Benck 60kg x5, 70kgx5, 75kg 6x4, 60kgx12
Fly machine 75kg 3x10
Incline db 26kg 2x8 30kg 2x4
Cable flys 3x12
Dips 3x10


Yeah it seems kinda counter intuitive but once you get used to burning fat than you don’t really get hungry any more. Typically I workout in the morning then don’t really eat until around dinner time. I think the side affect that I like most about doing this is that my mind gets wicked sharp while i’m fasting and allows me to work very efficiently at work.


I have a pretty physical job, my mind doesn’t have to be sharp, I need to be able to graft. If I skip lunch I have no energy and flag in the afternoon.


Back today
Pull ups neutral grip 8,5,5,4
Face pulls
Pendley row 60kgx10, 70kgx5, 75kg 3x5
High row 25kg 3x12
Seated cable row narrow handles 85kg 3x5
Shrugsdb 36kgx10 38kg x10 40kg x10
Preacher curls 20kg 2x8 25 kg 2x5 slow negatives.


Shoulders today
Seated Db press 18kgx5, 20kgx5, 22kgx5, 24kgx5 26kg 3x5
Side laterals
Front plate raise with face pulls inbetweeb

Just ticking the box today, went out Saturday night to a warehouse rave, not really recovered.


Back today
Pull ups 4x4 40 secs rest, all done with good form, 30 secs rest next
Pendley rows 60kgx5 70kgx5 75 kg x5 80kg 3x4
Face pulls ss with highrows
Neutral grip pull downs
Seated narrow grip cable rows
Shrugs 38kgx8 40kg x8 42kg x8
Preacher curls 25kg 3x5
Cable rope hammer curls.

Feeling much better today.


Legs today
Squat 60kgx5 80kgx5, 90kgx5 100kgx4, 110kg 2x3
Dead lift 60k5 100x5 140x5 150x2 160x2 165x2 140x5
Legpress 160x8 200x5 240x3 200x3 160x3 120x3
Then some dips and pull ups at end as can’t train tomorrow.


Chest today
Bench 60kg x5, 70x5, 75 3x5 then 2x4 70kgx5 60kgx8
Machine flys
Incline db press 24kgx8 26kg 3x6
Cable flys
Dips 15, 5 very slow, 10
Triceps cable pushdown.


Been away to Hay on Wye this weekend, and am away tomorrow night, so did back and shoulders this afternoon.
Pendley rows 60kg x10, 70kg 5x5
Face pulls
High cable rows
Seated Db press 18kgx10 20kgx8 22kgx6 24kg 3x6
Read delt fly machine
Dips ss with Preacher curls

Didnt enjoy training later in the day, felt like I had much less energy.


Got back early from work so did legs this afternoon. Wanted to get pr of 180kg on deadlift:
180kg failed, got off ground to just above knees but legs went wobbly stopped as form would have gone
180kg failed same as above.
160kg x1 very shaky
140kgx8 to punish the failure, had to take a knee after as felt I was going to faint.
Loaded bar to 180kg on racks lowest setting just above knee level did 2x8 @180kg.

Leg press 120x8 160x8 200x2x6

Calf raises 200kg x10 240kg2x10

Despite failing 180 dl, had a great work out, may have done too many warmup sets and/or not rested enough between.


Chest this morning
Bench 60kgx8 70kgx5 75kg 3x5
Fly machine 3x10
Inclince bench 40kgx8 50kg 3x6
Incline db flys
Dips 3x10
Oh cable Tri extension.


Back today
Pull ups 3x4 then 3, 30 secs rest stay with this til strict 4x4
Under hand bb rows 3x8 60kg
Overhand rows 3x8 60kg
High cable row 2x12 then 1x8 heavy
Narrow seated cable rox 65kg 3x8 then all out set with more body movement
Shrugs with 42kg 3x6
Preacher curls 20kg 3x8 then 25x5


So very true - its also the benefit of working out in the morning - you are less inclined to undo your hard morning work by eating rubbish food after.

Yes mate - gone are the days when you can just walk onto the football pitch or basketball court and start sprinting, jumping…even turning!

It does allow you to do the big lifts then flexibility with what you do after. The kindle books are only about £6-8. I only read the articles first and didn’t think much of the routine but the books give a lot more detail.

I’m sporadically replying to things in your log!

This is a good article for how to set up your diet for cutting / bulking


Thanks, I think my diet is OK at the moment, just need to cut out booze and cheat meals. Got a big weekend away to celebrate a mates 40th in 4 weeks. Going to try to stay dry till then!


Mates 40th; that’s only going to end one way. Paralytic.


boyce love your consistency, I’m cutting as well right now. So far down 7 lbs myself!


My mate has been stockpiling spirits for a few months, he loves cocktails, I’ll need a rested liver.


I’m only down 14 pounds since Feb, but I’ve definitely put on some muscle. I’m happy with progress so far.


That’s great progress


Should be training legs today, but helped a friend lay some patios yesterday, shoveling and barrowing 6 tonnes of sand and aggregate has left my back and legs a bit sore. Will do shoulders today and leave legs til Monday!