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About to Turn 40, Time to Improve My Dadbod


Legs today
Squat 60x10, 80x5, 90x5 100x5 105x4
Deadlift 70x10, 120x5, 140 2x5
Leg press 120x10.160 2x8
Calf raise 200kg 3x8 with leg curl in between sets.
Squat feels much better trying to get bar lower on backk, much less bruising on top of spine, felt much stronger, think its the pain not weight that has been limiting me here.


Also try using a thumbless grip, with straight wrists


Cheers, I’ll give that a try!


Also fiddle around with your grip width… two close you cannot bend the bar over your back… too far… you cannot create a shelf… shoot for something that kinda gives you both


I’ve widened my stance and find this helps me stay more upright, so the bar doesn’t feel like it’s rolling onto my neck so much, I find I need to keep my grip narrow so I’ve got a shelf to sit the bar on, will definitely play around with grip though.


Chest today
Flat bench taken so started with Incline 60kg x5 65 2x5, 70kgx5
Flat bench 60kg 2x8
Cable flys 3x10
Db Incline 22kgx5, 24kgx5, 26kgx5, 28kgx5 30kg 5,4.
Fly machine 1 slow set holding contraction
Dips 10,8,8,5
Rope triceps 3x10
Didnt really deload today!


Back this morning
Pull ups 8,5,5 4
Pendley row 60x15 70x8 80kg 8x4
High cable row 4x12
Face pulls lots with low weight then 2x8 higher weight
Db shrugs 34kg 2x10, 38kg 2x8
Hammer grip pull downs
Preacer curls.


Legs today
Squat 60x5, 80x5, 90x5, 95x5, 100x5, 105x5, 110x5 no shoulder pain at all!

Deadlift 60x10, 100x5, 140x5, 160x5 165x5 170x3, 175x2. Four plates not too far away! Was very close to passing out after last set.

Calf raises 200kg x8, 240kg 3x8


Ohp 40x4 45x5 50kg 2x5 2x4
Lateral raises 10kg 3x8
Db seated press 18kg 8 20x5 22x5 24x5 26x2
Rear delt fly machine 3x10
Dips 3x10
Plate front raise to above head 10kg 30,20,15
Shrugs 3x10 34kg



Failed goal of 196 miserably, actually 205 in today’s (left photo) compared to 204 last month!
Think I look a bit leaner though so must have put on some muscle.


Back today
Pull ups 4x4 40secs rest between, 4th rep on 3rd and 4th sets a bit sloppy.
Pendley rows 60kgx8 70kg 3x8
High cable row superset with face pulls
Neutral grip pull downs
Preacher curl superset with Dips.


Are you calorie counting?


No, I know where I went wrong this month, too many beers and cheat meals!


Legs this morning
Squat 60kgx10 80kgx5 90kgx5 95kgx5 100kgx5 105kgx5 110kg 2x5

Deadlift 70kgx10 120kgx5 140x5, 150kg 5,4

Legpress 160kg 3x8 with Calf in between.


I am not sure if this will help you but when I’m dieting I basically do a bastardized IF protocol.

Breakfast: Coffee with a splash of heavy cream (optional)
Lunch: Coffee with a splash of heavy cream (optional)
Dinner: Hit your protein macros then eat whatever you want

When you eat prefer healthy stuff but its a lot of calories to get in such a short time so high caloric food is OK as well. The coffee thing is totally optional but helps when starting the diet. In about a week or so you won’t get hungry during the day anymore so you can remove the coffee if ya like.

For me it doesn’t seem to work well with a high frequency protocol so I usually switch to a workout where I can hit a muscle group 2x vs 3x+.

I think the most important thing I like about this approach is that after dinner I’m really satiated and it feels like I’m not dieting. Following dinner comes this really sleepy feeling that allows you to sleep like a rock.

Anyway, I hope it helps


Interesting, bit I don’t think I’d get through a working day without eating, could try at weekend though.


holy shit dude you accomplished that in 3 years? That’s some serious dedication.


looks good man. I just turned 41. I’ve been in and out of the gym for years also but recently coming off a 5 year break. Well, not so recently now but you get the idea. I’ve got a training log also called 40 is the new 20. I’ve been a bit inactive lately due to getting married, buying a house, and an injury but should be going hard to finish out the 2019 transformation challenge.

Good luck with your goals I’ll be following.