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About to Turn 40, Time to Improve My Dadbod


If I ever have to do all my training in a public gym again, if I need to, I will just buy a safety squat or Duffalo bar and keep it at the gym. The difference it makes for my shoulders makes it a no-brainer.


Legs this morning
Squat warm up then 90kg 7x3
95kg 2x3 will stay at 90 and do 6x4 next
Leg press 170kg 3x8
Calf raises 160kg 3x10

Squats felt OK but top if spine is bruised and skin missing where bar was resting, think I need to look at positioning and form again maybe in leaning too far forward.


Chest this morning
Bench 60kg 8x6 then 65kgx4. Up to 65kg next time for sets of 4.
Fly machine 65kg 3x10
Incline db press 24g x8 26kg 2x6
Some cable flys
Incline bench 40kg 2x10
Tricep rope extensions to press downs
Shoulder hurting a bit today possible from squatting yesterday or from work yesterday, bench felt good, again surprised I got so many sets.


Back today
Pull ups 5 then 75kg pull downs x5
3 then pull downs
2 then pull downs
2 negatives 50kg pull downs x8
2 negatives 50kg pull downs x8

Face pulls 20kg 3x10
Db row 30kg 3x10
Cg seated row 50kg 3x12 slow reps
Barbell curls to hammer grip bar curls
Did some Cg bench with 40kg at end

Pull ups was really 4 then an almost rep for 5th, 5 full reps next time!
Will start doing more Cg bench press as I feel my triceps are the weak point in Ohp and bench.


Been doing a lot of drilling into rsj’s at work, got really bad pain in my right wrist and shoulder. Thinking about it, im in a prone position on steps or a hop up, pressing into a static load with vibtations. I’ve had tendon problems in the past which cortisol shots have solved. I’m thinking of dropping squats for a few weeks to see if this eases the shoulder discomfort.


204 this morning!



Not a huge difference, belly looks a tad smaller in today’s (left photo) to the one a month ago.
Next goal 196 by 3rd April.


Just got to keep chipping away at it mate. Consistency and effort are all that count. Good work.




Trained today instead of Saturday.
Deadlift 130x4 135x4 140x4 142.5 x2x4.
Was going to do another set but tore a callous so stopped.
Lying leg curl 50kg 3x8
Rdl 80kg 3x8
Calf presses 160kg x8 200kg 2x8


Is it best to cut off the rest of the skin or just leave alone?


Trim. It’s dead skin.


Thanks, trimmed!


looking good Boyce, more definition in chest area and upper abs.
Well done so far.
And you’ve trimmed the calluloses, good.


It’s always a long grind, basically a lifestyle. Keep up the good work


Thanks guys.


Shoulders this morning
Ohp 50kg 8x3
Db side Lateral raises 10kg 2x8
Db seated press 22kg 2x8
Rear fly machine 50kg 2x10
Rope upright cable row 50kg 2x10
Cg bench 50kg 2x8

Ohp were hard stick at 50kg go for 6x4 next


Back this morning
Pendley row 70kg 2x5 75kg 5x5 go 6x4 next time.
Face pulls 3x10 20kg
Db row 32 kg 2x10
Seated Cg cable row 60kg 2x10
Preacher curls 20kg 3x8
Rope cable hammer curls 3x8
Pendleys felt really heavy at 70kg ok at 72.5!


With the calluses I use my wife’s device she uses for hard skin on her foot. It’s like a spinning file. I trim any dead skin with scissors and use the file to wear them down so they don’t split like yours just did. Looks like this.