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About to Turn 40, Time to Improve My Dadbod


Legs today, swapped training Saturday for Sunday as I was very hungover yesterday after partners birthday celebration Friday night.

Deadlift: warmup then 130kg 5x3, pleased with this grip held for 3 sets think it would have gone on a 4th.

Lying leg curl 45kg 3x8
Rdl 60kg 3x10
Calf raise on hack squat machine 120kg 3x10
Ham glute raises (not sure if correct term) 2x8


Great discipline man… Way to get after it even with a hangover! It’s that mental fortitude that will make the difference over the long run. That’s the secret right there. Consistency over time. Keep smashing it


Shoulders this morning:
Ohp 47.5kg 8x3 felt heavy, but didn’t feel much worse in 8th set. 47.5 6x4 next time.
Db Lateral raises 10kg 3x8
Db press 20kg 3x8
Rear delt fly 3x10 45kg
Rope upright row 20kg 3x10
Seated press machine 50kg 3x8


Back this morning:
Pendly row 70kg 8x4
Seated row close grip 60kg 3x10
Face pulls 25kg 3x10
Db shrugs 30kg 3x12
Preacher curls 20kg 2x8
Cable hammer curls 25kg 2x10
Felt really tired today but Pendly seemed easy hence 70kg not 65, will stick at 70 but go for 6x5 next.


Legs this morning:
Squat 80kg 3x10
90kg x3 will go for 90kg 6x3 next
Leg press 165kg 3x8
Hacksquat calf raises 200kg 3x10
Found squats really hard at 10 reps, took a while after sets to steady breathing. Think form is getting better, though.


You are not alone there, high rep squats are always a challenge


Read Wendlers 5,3,1 book last night, loved his no Nonsense writing style! I’m definitely going to use one of the programs once I’ve got my body fat down and can start eating more carbs.


Chest this morning:
Bench press 60kg 11x4 then 1x5. Thought I’d struggle to get 6x4, really pleased with this, stay at 60kg but sets of 6 reps next time.

Fly machine 60kgx10
Dumbbell Incline press 22kg x8 24kg x6 26 kg x4
20kg x4
Cable fly 12.5kg x8 2 sets.
Incline bench 40kg 2 x6


Just start one now and use 531 to burn away that fat and get stronger at the same time.


I’m enjoying what I’m doing for now and it seems to be working. Maybe I’d progress faster and lose more fat on 531, but I’m happy with progress made so far, weights are going up. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.
Once I start stalling or stop enjoying I’ll start 531.


^ This


This is a great way to look at it. Keep at it mate.


531 is good, but I think a solid 5x5 program would suffice until a strong base has been built. Mix it up with ascending weight across sets or up to a top static weight you Stick to for 5 sets of 5. One day Squat focus with bench, next Dead’s with light squats, next Bench with squats thrown in. Plus a couple of accessory movements. Stick to it for at least a year and you would have made some serious gains. You learn to squat well by doing it often.


I was thinking when reading 531that I might be lacking the strength to do some of the programmes as written like the 5x10 chin ups. His beginner programme if a full body work out 3x a week and looks very similar to what you describe.


Back this morning:
4 pull ups straight to 75kg pull downs x5
2 & 3/4 pull ups to 75kg pull down x5
1 pull up 2 negatives
2 negatives.
There were some assistance bands already on the bar but couldn’t get to grips with them. (nearly fell over trying to get my foot in)

Face pulls, not sure of weight was using diff cable stack but did 3x12 felt a nice weight.

Db rows 26kg 4x10 did first set standing lent slightly over then last 3 kneeling braced on bench, the latter felt much better.

Straight arm pull downs 20kg 2x10

Tbar rows 20kg 2x10

Preacer curls 20kg 6, 5 then 4 reps

Hammer grip rope cable curls don’t remember weight 2x10 for a bit of a pump

Happy I got an extra pull up, will go for one more each week.


Weighed myself this morning was 207lbs, fairly confident I’ll be 204 by a week Sunday, looking forward to photo to see if there’s a noticeable change in the dad bod. (I’m not expecting it to be spectacular, but I’m in this for the the long run.)


Legs today
Deadlift warm ups then 130x3 135 2x3 140x5
Very pleased, could have done another set at 140 but I’m hungover and felt a bit light headed after the last set.
Leg curl 50kg 2x10
Rdl 60kg x20 70kg 2x15
Calf press 160kg 2 x8

Glad I went today, I won’t be able to train Monday or Tuesday as working away so will do shoulders tomorrow.


Hey Boyce Just browsed thruough your log man.
Nice lifting great goals.
I’m in. (reading mostly in the ordinary log section)
I love 531 it’s very long term.
Look at some of the never things
main lift
supplemental lift like doing the FSL for 5x5
50 reps of pull/push/single leg or core.

But what you’re doing right now works so keep at it.
You’ll always reap the best out of something you actually likes.

For diet get an app, track your food, it’s goddamn annoying but it works.


Thanks Mort.


Shoulders and back today as no training Monday or Tuesday.
Ohp 47.5kg 6x4 then 50kg 3,2
Pendley row 70kg 2x8 2x6
Db seated press 24kg 2x8
Db row 32kg 12x10
Face pull forgot weight 3x10
Db Lateral raises 10kg 2x8
Preacher curls 20kg 2x8