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About to Turn 40, Time to Improve My Dadbod


I love a challenge.


I read your post above where you said a wider grip is working for you on squats. If your shoulders start hurting again you could look into getting one of the shoulder friendly squat bars. I’ve never used one, but I have a home-made bar that works wonders for my shoulders.



I’m going to be limited by what’s avaliable at my gym, is that a trap bar?


I see the squat bar on the rack now!


Shoulder workout this morning.

Ohp 45kg 5x5 5th set felt easier than the 4th.
will up to 47.5 and do 8x3 next workout

Db Lateral raises 8kg 3x10
Seated Db press 18kg 3x8
Rear delt fly machine 45kg 3x10
Seated press machine 45kg 3x10
Upright cable pull with rope 35 kg 2x10


Surely your gym has a rack, a barbell, weights and dumbbells? With this you can do 100% of what you need to get strong


It has, I just mean I’m limited to what bars they have, only 20kg Olympics.


That’s plenty


Back this morning.
Pendly row 60kg 10x6 really tried to keep form strict and explode the bar up. Liking these up to 65kg next time.

Face pulls 20kg 3x10

Seated row with nylon handles attached 50kg 3x8

Db trap shrugs 28kg 3x10 holding at top slow down.

Biceps curl with 17.5 kg bar 3x10

Db hammer curls 12 kg 3x8

Felt good today.


boyce is there a special reason why you are doing so much assistance movements?


I’m not really, let me explain:
I’ve decided to train 6 days a week because that helps be stay motivated to stick to a nutrition plan.
I have a physically demanding job so I don’t want to do a full body work out 3 times a week and cardio 3 times a week.
I appreciate the value of the big 6: squat, deadlift, bench, ohp, pull up, row, so I’m doing one of these every day as first exercise of my work out, then doing some assistance at low intensity if I feel I have some energy left.
I’ve only started training 6 weeks ago after 9 years off, so I’m gradually reacquainting myself with these exercises to get my form dialled in before I start adding weight.
When I’m lifting more weight on the big 6 I will probably be doing less assistance exercises.


Ralphie; I really appreciate the imput you’ve given, and have taken on board what you’ve previously suggested, but don’t think full body will work for me at the moment.


That makes sense :stuck_out_tongue:


Wasn’t planning to train today, as had some birthday drinks last night, but woke up in time to.
Squat 80kg 3x8 go for 80kg 3x10 next
Legpress 160kg 3x6

Bit pressed for time and hungover but glad I went.


BP warm up sets then 57.5kg 6x4 then 1x3 up to 60kg next time
Standing Cable fly 12.5 kg 3x10
Incline db bench 18kgx8 20kgx8 24kgx8 then x6
Seated fly machine 50kgx10 60kg 2x10
Incline bench 40kg 3x8

Feel like chest is working more on bench now not just triceps.


It’s good when your not too hungover to lift still :clown_face:


Welcome to the old mans section, good to have another log in here. I see you are doing a 6 day body split type routine. Are you following a specific program or doing your own thing ??


Just my own thing for now, I figure I may change once lifts stop progressing or I get bored, but will try to stick it out for another couple of months.


I didn’t realise how hungover I was until I started squatting!


Back today, trained later as I’ve took the day off for partners birthday.
Pull ups: 3!
2 then 2 slow negatives
1 then 2 slow negatives

Lat pull down 85kg 4x3 form was going a bit on last set so dropped to 65kg 2x8

Face pulls 20kg 3x10

Tbar row 30kg 3x8

Preacher curls 12.5kg 3 sets, messed around with partials, slow negatives prob 10 rep’s each

Hammer curl with rope on low cable 3x8 30kg

Felt really good on the pull ups, surprised to get 3, really flew up on the first rep.