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About to Start TRT, Worried about High Hemocrit

Hi everyone,

I am about to start a TRT plan with a doctor but received my lab works with a concern. My test level is 516, Free T 77, E2 28, and Hemocrit 50.6 (Hemoglobin 16.8 and RBC 5.37).

Doctor prescribed me 175mg Test Cyp, 25ml hcg 2x week, and .5 anazole 3x week.

I haven’t started the TRT and my hemocrit levels are on the higher side and afraid it might be higher once on the
treatment. Should I be concerned over this?

Thanks for any advice or comments.

Please see the pencil edit icon above and post your labs in list format with ranges.

Please post all lab work, not just selected items.

250iu hCG twice a week, please no not report doses by volumes, always mg, iu etc.

You will need to donate blood routinely and should before starting T. If HTC gets higher blood services will reject you.

Avoid iron fortified foods and supplements.

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Your T dose seems excessive, all the more risk for high HTC.

  • self inject 50mg T cyp twice a week
  • 0.5mg anastrozole with each injection
  • 250iu hCG SC with each injection

Ask to get labs at 6 weeks.
Do labs, always, halfway between injections to avoid lab timing change artifacts.