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About to Start TRT with Hcg and b12. Any Info Would Help

35 year old male here 6’0 225lbs. Body fat is pretty high right now. Also have a big frame as well. About to start trt with hcg and b12 shots. Any info I could get would be helpful. Blood work.
Total test 351/ 250-827
Tsh 1.27/ .40-4.50
Homocysteine 12.0/<11.4
Glucose 90/65-99
T4 total 6.4/4.5-12.0
T3 free 3.1/2.3-4.2
T3 total 90/76-181
IGF I LC/MS 157/53-331
Dihydrotestosterone 27/16-79
Vitamin D 31/>30
Estradiol 20/<30
DHEA 102/106-464
Insulin 4.5/ 2-19.6
Cortisol 12/4-22.0
Sex Hormone Binding Globulin 25/10-50
Hematocrit 45.1/38.5-50
Symptoms/ loss of sex drive, fatigue, slight depresson, no morning wood can not sustain a full erection brain fog short term memory loss. No energy for the gym. Please tell me what you guys think. Thank you.

Please tell us the dose of T and the route of administration. Any discussion of an AI?

150 mg test c week two injections
1 mg an anastrozole a week split
Hcg 250 ui twice a week

That protocol is within the range we see here. If you are concerned about fertility, may need to up the hcg to 250iu EOD. Also, between carrying extra fat and the relatively high dose of T cyp, you will want to watch E2 levels closely. 1mg of adex may not be quite enough. You will only know with labs. Take them after 3 weeks and halfway between injections.

Up to 2 mg split? I’m also taking b12 idk if that does anything. What do u think about the blood work? Dhea is low and homocysteine is high.

Also what do u think of sub q injections for test?

You can inject subQ twice a week. No issues with that. May take longer to exert effects but i think it is a better choice for the long term.

Sub Q injections are just as effective. I’ve proven this at least with myself through bloodwork. 100 mg/test cyp injected sub-q gets my TT up to nearly 1000.

I think your AI dose is probably fine. It may be too high or too low and it’s extremely hard to determine high or low e2 without bloodwork since both will make you feel horrible.

Emotionally, both high and low make me feel depressed and off. When it’s high I feel emotional and want to cry. When it’s low, I feel more flat lined emotionally.

Estrogen also works synergistically with our vasodilation mechanisms and when it gets low, you’ll notice your vascularity decrease/veins wont look as prominent.

You may also want to start taking a vit d3 supplement. I typically take 5000 iu’s year round personally.

“A high level of homocysteine in the blood (hyperhomocysteinemia) makes a person more prone to endothelial cell injury, which leads to inflammation in the blood vessels”.

Because controlling inflammation is key for longevity and health, I’d also suggest taking Curcumin daily. Biotest has a great brand that I like. It also looks like low b-vitamin levels are associated with high levels of homocysteine.

“Homocysteine also acts as an allosteric antagonist at Dopamine D2 receptors.” Which unless I’m mistaken, means that homocysteine will block dopamine at receptor sites, which can also lead to lethargy, lack of motivation and libido, since dopamine is key from that perspective.

Thanks for all the info. This site is great.

When u started trt, was it noticeable in the gym. It’s always been hard for me lose weight. Even with strict diet I never can get cut. My muscles would grow, but they would be big and soft. Not real hard like most people. I don’t know if it had anything to do woth hormones. Guess I’ll find out.

Just like every other aspect, body recomp is pretty individual. For me, I had almost immediate fat loss when I began TRT. I have also had more strength gains than muscle gains in the gym. My muscles look and feel harder. I can eat many more calories without gaining fat. So, that aspect has been great.

Looking forward to it.