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About to Start TRT, Thinking of Adding a SERM


Hi all, just been approved for TRT by my Doc, been prescribed 125mg of sustanon every 5 to 7 days with 0.5mg of anastrazole twice per week.

No prescription for hcg being in the UK but can get clomid or Nolvadex quite easily, was wondering which is best to take and the best dosage to take?

any advice appreciated!



Fertility a concern?

You do not take a SERM to manage E2, anastrozole does that. SERM would be to create some LH/FSH to support the testes. hCG injections manages most of that realm. SERM’s have some side effects and taking SERMs for decades might not be a good thing.

You may be able to find hCG on the gray market.

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As KSMAn said that you don’t take a Serm with TRT at all. Clomid and Nolvadex would be if you wanted to restart your system to produce testosterone on its own, or – you had a case of Gyno flare – in which case you should run Nolvadex – but never take it as part of a TRT protocol.


Age 43, have 3 children so fertility isn’t a concern.

Was thinking low dose nolva or clomid just to help against testicle shrinkage and ejaculate volume, will have to look into hcg on the gray market