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About to Start Third Cycle, Looking for Advice

Gonna be going for cycle #3 currently been on trt dose for a year 250 mg test week, thinking 500-750 test, 300 mg npp, not sure about anadrol yet but want some serious size, im done fkn around, was taking 4iu hgh but of course bunk ass china shit so got good quality gh on order and referred by someone i trust. Im 49 years old, framer by trade 6’3" 280 pounds, cant use tren because of the massive headaches it gives me![

2 pics from last summer at 270 then this year 285ish

You want more size? I mean to each their own but I think you would be happier to drop a few % BF and maintain or even sacrifice a few lbs. you’re tell but 280 is still huge at 6’3.

Ive been starving myself with this no energy keto crap trying to drop some pounds but seams to be going slow but yes would love to drop 20 pounds

Leave the photos up man. You’re massive. It’s not a dig. All I’m saying is you’ve got the frame and now it’s time to fine tune. Test and NPP should do it along with diet and training.

Gonna crop my face out

Yeah that’s a good call.

275 pounds the best ive done with diet, check picks

Test, npp, keto, training and 4iu daily of gh ?

Why keto of you said it didn’t work well for you? Try something else

I’m not sure if you want to bulk or cut? You’re a big unit but diet is your issue in my opinion. Keto doesn’t work for everyone, me included. The 100g carb cure helped me. I don’t measure fanatically but try keep my carbs to about 100g/day and mostly around training times and no later than 6pm. Carbs are from veggies and sweet potato/pumpkin. No rice, sugar, oats, bread etc and watch fruit intake. If I have a low training output day I reduce the carbs to green veg only.
NPP is some powerful magic but know the risk of sides, also it added mass for me, not great for cutting. I’ve never used GH or Anadrol so can’t comment on that. Simple T alone and a good diet can get you where you want if it’s a cut you’re after.

Dont work well cuz its so hard to stick to

Diet is my enemy for sure, keto is under 20g carbs daily, so my best approach is low carb, im up 4am daily and work out from 5-6 then go to work so other then my coffee im in fasted state, i have no doubt things are gonna turn around here soon

There are some people that react really badly to keto. These people become more depressed than others during keto. If your reaction is way worse than to other diets, keto could just not be for you. That it works weight wise needs no questioning.

Im a framer with very demanding job the keto took the bloat away and for me it was just the massive lack of energy, i guess its the transition from carbs for fuel vs fual from fat