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About to Start the Anabolic Diet to Bulk

I have a question for anyone who is knowledgeable about the AD or who has used it before or currently.

First, I want to gain lean mass with minimal fat. I know there are plenty of ways to do this and the AD isn’t some magical diet. I just want to try it. Usually you will go just a little over maintenance calories to gain muscle, although slower, while gaining the least fat you can. I am going to shoot for 250 calories over maintenance during the week. Thats all good, but what about the weekend carb ups? Should I keep the same calories as weekdays and just change the macros? seems logical especially for doing a 48 hour carb up and keeping fat gains small. OR should the first day of the carb up be more higher calories due to the supercompensation effect/glycogen storage and then go back to normal calories for the next day? I have searched alot but theres not much on this part. Most everything just says eat a ton on the weekends, which would lead to fat gains at some point.

My advice is to plan out your carb up days very carefully. I did great Sunday through Thursday, but come Friday I was eating entire Papa John’s pizzas and downing 12-packs because I hadn’t bought anything for those two days thinking I could just wing it. Very stupid. Though it was interesting to see how it didn’t effect my body as terribly as I thought, but damn did that gut come back quick. Keep in mind the average person stores between 300-500 grams of carbs in their body (the more muscle you have the more this number obviously increases) so you really don’t need to over do it on your carb up days.

thanks for the reply

ive been on the diet (more or less) for a little while now and have controlled my diet for awhile also…during the carb ups i have varied them from couting everything to eating dirty half of the time. i plan to know exactly what i’m eating and i dont really have a problem with controlling it. I really just want to know about the calories to keep the weight gain at about .5 lb/week