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About To Start Test 200

Ive done alot of reading on this site, and respect the knowledge of some of our veterans. I am about to start a 10 week cycle, of 200 mg of test cyp once a week. Is this enough for respectible gains? Ive never used steroids, and am anxious to try this.

Also, as far as post cycle theropy, how can I return to baseline and normal function as soon as possible? Im six foot two and one hundred eighty five pounds at six to seven percent bodyfat. Im twenty three years young.

no, it is a replacement dose, the low end of reasonable is twice that, with 500-1000mg/wk being normal use. there is a long term study using 600mg a week. there were no side effects. if you type “bhasin, s 1996” into pubmed, you should be able to find the study.

I’m no vet but I’ll throw in some info anyway.
Personally I’d up it to 500mg/wk. maybe 400mg/wk bare minimum.
Nolva should be fine for PCT. Don’t start it until a couple weeks after the last shot though. Be sure you have it before you start the cycle and you may want to have an AI on hand for the cycle just in case. There are a pile of threads on nolva PCT protocols.

So 200mg would have no effect at all? I was steering toward a lower dose to avoid speculation from peers that I was juicing.
Since I already have added decent mass, People would not question alittle more.

Maybe a ten week cycle at 400mg would be more suitable. However the supplier recommended 200mg for a first cycle. He was confident that twenty pounds of muscle were the norm for this dose, with intense training and nutrition of course.

Forgot to mention, mot people suggest injecting twice a week to keep blood levels more stable.

your first cycle will produce the best results so don’t do it half ass. If you don’t want to put on alot of weight, then hold off on the cycle untill a time when you would be more comfortable doing so.

may have trouble getting my hands on nolva. Would 6 oxo and a tribulus sup be sufficient enough for the pct of one cycle?

Your supplier doesn’t sound to well-versed. How does he know that you’ll put on 20lbs at that dose? I would look elsewhere for advice.

250mg bi-weekly or every 3 days for ~10 weeks is standard practice. You would even be able to get away with a 200mg E3Ds. If anyone asks why you’ve put on the weight, tell them you’ve been eating lots and training frequently. They will be none the wiser.

[quote]duhast234 wrote:
may have trouble getting my hands on nolva. Would 6 oxo and a tribulus sup be sufficient enough for the pct of one cycle?[/quote]

absolutely not. The herbal stuff is fine if you are 60 and trying to get your test levels up above zero again. Besides that, they’re useless in my opinion.

nolva or clomid are needed

You can get both from chem research companies like chemone and IR. usually much cheaper then a source will have it for. They also have AI’s

alright, Ill pick up another bottle of test so I can do 400mg biweekly for 10 weeks, and the nolvadex will be bought by then. I think yall for the knowledge and good luck in the gym.