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About to Start Off Season Strength Cycle

Would like some input on what you guys think of this for some size / strength building.
Background - have done a couple cycles of Tren E / Test + orals, on TRT otherwise have never tried Deca Want to give the Tren a break and try Deca so here it goes, hoping to gain 15-20+lbs and keep most of the strength.

14-16 week cycle depends if the gains stall.
Test E 750-800mg week
Deca 400mg week
4 weeks on / off / on IGF-1 LR3 40mcg a day
week 1-4 50mg anadrol
12.5 aroma EOD - Caber .5 E3D
TRT @ 350mg wk after the cycle

Where does 350mg get you to with regards to testosterone levels, unless you’re absolutely massive or competing, it’s overkill, More like BLAST and blast not blast and cruise

trying to take this powerlifting serious - yes I compete

You realize life, power lifting, competing is a marathon, right? Pump those brakes a little bit.

right on :smiley:

I’m not a fan of messing with my sugar so I can’t comment on the IGF1.

Test/Deca classic mix - always a good choice especially deca for the joints.

Don’t see the need for the orals if you’re already TRT. Might help with bloating leverages a few weeks out from a meet if you need the extra BW.

Be careful with anything that messes with sugar processing. Just my 2 cents.

The LR3 seems to be the safest bet, I am very strict on meal timing so gonna give it a shot and see what happens, also have blood sugar tester on hand, and a nurse in the fam.