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About to Start First Cycle. Test E/D-bol


Sup guys, been lurking these forums for awhile so decided i'd finally post and keep a log for my first cycle. I am six foot, about 190 lbs with roughly 10% bodyfat, 23 years old.

Anyway, here's my cycle.
Test E - weeks 1-12 - 500 mgs a week-taken in two doses- one on monday morning one on thurs night
D-Bol - weeks 1-12 - 25mgs a day
Arimidex on hand in case of gyno or estrogen-related issues

PCT: 4 weeks long- starting 2 weeks after last injection
Clomid 50/50/25/25
Aromasin 25/25/12.5/12.5

Everything looking good brahs? If not, help and suggestions are welcome :smiley:


I wouldn't run Dbol longer than 6 weeks. Your liver will hate you.


In addition to the above comment, take the Adex throughout the cycle to keep form having those sides in the first place. With two heavily aromatizable compounds, you will need it!

I woul dhave a SERM on hand for gyno (break glass in case of emergency)

No need to use two different AI's--pick adex or aromasin and roll with it. I am convinced shady roid dealers have convinced poor suckers that they need two different AI's for some reason--seen a lot of these types of proposals popping up recently.

Have fun.