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About to Start ABBH


I am preparing to start ABBH next week but have a problem selecting exercises.On days 5-13 and 21, I currently have Dips and Chins selected. My problem is that I have already been doing Dips now for 5 weeks in my current program. Should I still do them anyways in ABBH or switch them with a different exercise ?




I'd still do them. For that program, they work the best.


Thanks for the reply. By the way, Im trying to figure out which weight to start using with Dips and Chins. My estimated 1RM for each is the following:

Dips: 80lbs + bodyweight (150lbs)
Chins: 45lbs + bodyweight (150lbs)

Do I select 60% of the weight added to my body weight or of the total weight ?



60% of the total weight.