About to Start a Slow Bulk Before Cut/Summer Contest

I know my abs need some work which is why I’ll be bulking just about 500 cals over my normal with high protein. Please let me know what I should focus on! I’d like to think about competing sometime in the summer, smart lifting and eating is key right now.

Visible abs are 90% made in the kitchen, but they can be trained for size just like any other muscle. Cable crunches and weighed ab rollouts are awesome for that.

I would work on filling in your clavicular area (upper chest and upperchest-delt tie-in).

I would work on your legs.

Not trying to highjack this thread, but exercises do you recommend?

Chest exercises are fairly limited, in my opinion, for this. My favorite for this are:

Incline dumbbell press (unilateral, bilateral, or alternating)
cross-body unilateral hammer strength machine press
incline smith-machine press (incline barbell press is good too…I just don’t feel that movement as well)

For shoulder-chest tie-in:

close-grip reverse grip front raises (either with dumbbells together or starting wide and coming together as you raise them…or with a close-grip using an ez curl bar)
seated shoulder press (with dumbbells, or smith machine, or barbell…but I changed it up slightly and used a free-bench and put the incline between what you would use for an incline bench press and 90 degrees)

An advanced movement that took me A LONG TIME to get down, and (in my mind) is kind of a hybrid shoulder/chest movement:

steep-incline crucifix flyes

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If you provide straight on photos of front, back and side relaxed shots, I’ll gladly give my assessment. Your angled back shot doesn’t really give me much to work from in terms of advising weak points, nor can I really see your arm or leg development either.


Thank you for the detailed reply. I definitely need to work on this.

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thank you for all the replies! I’ll get some more photos up soon.

My pleasure :slight_smile: I don’t think I’ll ever stop working on it haha

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