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About to Start 12 Weeks of Test-E


I'm about to do a 12-week cycle of test-e. I'm 25 have been lifting since I was 16, Division I college Athlete that has lifted hard under great trainers and consistent for a long time. I'm 6'3" about 225lbs have messed around with some oral winnie, prohormones, and a stupid cycle of tren back in college before I did any research...

Anyway I used prohormones on and off for a long period of time and got some mild gyno that I cured with letro... I know that I'm prone to it and want help setting up this program so that I don't get gyno... I have no problem taking letro and feel comfortable with it and have it on hand so I would rather use it then arimedex.

I will be using Test E as I said at 250mg every 3-4 days about 500mg per week for 12 weeks.... I have heard conflicting information about when to start your letro, I understand it all but eliminates your estrogen but I'm looking to stay fairly dry and not get that nasty gyno. Anyway I have heard starting it two weeks prior and running it through the cycle then for pct hitting nolvadex.... I plan on doing a Test taper as well can anyone help me with sorting out how I should use the letro in conjunction with the test and the nolva with the pct throughout the cycle including the taper...

I really have been studying but I do not want to make a mistake because I was afraid to ask.... Any suggestions or exspiriences that are similar to mine would be appreciated....... I dont have hcg, hgh. Only test-e, letro, clomid, nolvadex.


Do not use Test-E if you do not have HCG,
Your manhood is at risk, Test-e stays active in the body for a very long time even after the last injection. The HCG will keep the family jewels in good condition till u start using clomid or nolva.

Try a 9 week Sustanon cycle and you can kind off pass without the HCG. Keep the nolva on hand if gyno or other sides appear throughtout the s=cycle.)

(the advice given here is only for entertainment purposes and does not reflect the views or actions of username: Sustanon Master. The use of anabolics without a perscription is illegal.)


"advice given here is only for entertainment purposes"

Thank God only for entertainment.


Is that your final answer?

No, seriously, are you sure that's what you want to go with??


To the OP

Sustanon has longer esters than enanthate. So whether or not this Sustanon Master fellow is right about needing HCG to 'keep the family jewels in good condition' it is irrelevant. Many people use sustanon, enanthate, cypionate, propionate without HCG and recover just fine.


Ahh fresh air :slight_smile:


wait what?

OP, you are fine at 12 weeks with enth. you do not "NEED" hcg as your manhood is not "at risk"
yes you will shut your natural production down and you will have slight atrophy but you will recover.

have a well planed PCT and also use the proper AIs during and you will be fine.

and OP I would run your letro from the start of the cycle.
there is no reason not to,it will help stop any aromatazion before it can do any harm.


just out of couriousity, if one was to do the taper protocol outlined by prisoner and chose to run nolva for aditional pct during the actual taper would one run it 40-40-20-20? i ask it here because it sounds like what OP is looking at.

and i know that's how you'd run it while not on taper so i am doing leg work i just haven't see anyone state this on taper nolva dosage, may have over looked it, though. thanks


VERY LOW, lower than usually recommended.


Roger That.

He's not the brightest bulb in the tanning bed.


Thanks for the info guys but I'm still looking at the way I should use the pct during my taper???? What do you reccomend for the taper given the amount of 250mg every three days of test e for 12 weeks... what should the taper amount be and how should I use the pct???? Can I continue to run the letro throughout all of it???? Still a few questions and I started the letro about 5 days before the first injection is that fine I wanted it to build up a bit even thought the test e takes a bit to start to convert....

Anyway any and all help from people who know is appreciated....Not like the initial responce to my question which was so stupid about using sust instead and the stupid hcg remark...But all the other help was good just a few more questions, please help.....