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About to Kick this Gear, Just Need Some Advice Now

So i’m gonna get rid of my gear i’m running some test 400, the pip is unreal & my body’s not reacting well to it, now i’m just worried if i have a abcess or infection or just a bad pip or something, it’s day #5 & it’s been red since day #2, swollen to hell but i’m fully able to walk and do anything i need, it’s just irritating to lay on & pretty sore, i’m mainly concerned about the swelling & the redness, its not much warmer than my other glute either, should i be worried?

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Its a bad reaction to the high concentration test. Get some 200-250mg/ml test, without ethyl oleate in it.

This happen to me the first time I injected (must of hit a nerve or something).
This was on my glutes.
I injected and a massive lump the size of a handball appeared on the injection site.
I proceeded to inject on the other side and the lump did not appear.

What I did? I put an ice pack down my pants walked around limping. It was red, hot and swollen for 9 days before going down. Day 10 came lump was gone but the area was hard still.

Injected on the lump side and the lump didn’t come up again.


  1. Put an ice pack on it wrapped with a tea towel.
  2. When showering if you have a detachable handle put cold water and just let the water rush on the spot.

Also real TEST BURNS So you might want to drop the dosages down a bit.

If you get a fever or higher fever than what you have. Then consult your doctor.

I’m using 500mg/ml test e. I have zero PIP. I pin .5ml with an added .5ml of sterile GSO. I did get insane PIP the first shot. Went 1ml of the stuff into a virgin glute. Oh lawd.