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About to Initiate Into the HIT World. Where to Start?

Dr Darden
I bought recently your book The New Bodybuilding for Old School Results, and I get so impressed that I bought also The New HIT and I want to build some muscle mass. My doubt is, how I should begin?

I’m a 32 years old man, 5 feet and 6,5 inches tall that weighs 152 pounds. My fat composition is now about 13%. Should I go to 1500 calories as you suggest in the book or I could begin bulking?

Thanks in advice and thanks for showing HIT to me (and the world)

You do not need to eat 1500 calories a day. Eat normally and start strength training. Why don’t you do the Big Routine on page 223 of The New Bodybuilding for Old-School Results?

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So I’ll do!

Thank you very much for your attention and time Dr Darden.