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About to Go on a Diet, Have a Few Questions


I plan on changing my diet since I will be getting off of my college's meal plan I can actually cook all the healthy stuff I want. I plan on eating 5 chicken breasts a day (230 cals, 43g protein, 5g fat) then also having a bag of mixed vegetables (boiled) every day with two scoops of whey per day. What else can I add onto this so I won't starve to death? I'm 6' 205lbs, 15% bodyfat.

Also, how will this effect my strength gains? I'm sure it will slow them down but will they be reversed at all?

Thank you guys for all your help!


Change out the cost of 5 of the daily breasts for equivalent pounds of ground beef. Add sweet potatoes and fruits. At 6' and 205lbs @ 15% bf you need some more mass on you buddy. I'm not a criticizing but I think you do need more LBM on you.

As far as strength gains, though I'm sure it's POSSIBLE to continue increasing it, I doubt it at this stage in your development that you would be able to pull it off considering the experience that you are portraying with this post. Hell, I'm still learning and worried that I wouldn't be able to do pull it off.

Ok maybe I'm criticizing a little. The point still stands. You need more mass.... unless you want to look like David Beckham then I can't help you there.

Hope it helps.


You need carbs if you want to make gains.


Wouldn't I be ingesting carbs via the vegetables?


Maybe the first purchase should be a Betty Crocker cookbook?


Good luck eating 5 chicken breasts a day for more than one day in a row. Sounds like torture


You underestimate my deep love for chicken haha.


Not nearly enough if your looking to make gains. If you want to stay away from grains etc. you can use fruits, but in order to process such high levels of protein it is helpful to supply your body with a decent amount of carbs.


oatmeal in the morning is a must, regardless of your goals. You also will always need a carb source prior to training. For me this is just simply 1/2 cup blended oats. Breakfast and pre workout carbs are sufficient while dieting, I would not limit them anymore than that.

You need beef, you can't forget fats.

So what I would do is have oats with w/e protein source you plan on having with breakfast, blended oats +whey pre workout, .5 lbs 93% lean ground beef +veggies & fishoil post workout, that meal once again 2.5 hours later, have 2 chicken breasts 2.5 hours after that, and have some whey or casein with either 1 or 2 raw eggs or a tbsp of natty PB before bed.


Yeah I wouldnt count on getting all my carbs from veggies unless you are doing a ketogenic diet or your talking about those being your carbs on a low day of carb cycling. Most veggies contain little to no carbs. You can still ingest carbs and lose body fat if thats your goal here. As waylander mentioned go with a heaping bowl of oatmeal for breakfast, as well as some pre-workout. The rest of the time go with protein/fat meals. I wouldnt eat that much chicken either. I understand you love it, but I cant imagine that you wouldnt get burned out within a week or two. Mix in fish, turkey, beef, and eggs. If youre doing a low carb thing, I like to throw in almonds, walnuts, and peanut butter into the mix as well. A good protein shake post workout, and before bed is nice too.


Htower and Waylander, thank you guys very much for your posts, very informative. Does it matter what kind of oats I get?


Rolled or steel cut. You can either get the regular, which takes longer to cook but has more flavor, or the quick cook (which is fine and takes only a couple minutes).

I mix flax seed and eggs + egg whites into my oatmeal, and it is my favorite meal of the day. Great way to start.

Trader Joe's has a good selection of oatmeal if you have one close by (Mccanns Irish Oatmeal).


If I'm actually going to cook the oats (which I never do anymore) I just get the rolled quick 1 minute kind, you can get the old fashioned ones though which take longer to cook. I always blend my oats though, much quicker.