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About to Go Deadlift


Any words of motivation?



impressive strength and entertaining as hell to watch


Benni is awesome. I read an interview with him on an old powerlifting web sight. He said in it that what he thinks about to get himself fired up are, impolite people and dirty drinking water. WTF, now if he was serious, that makes him even cooler LOL.


dirty drinking water? LOL


With a name like "boner jams" do you really need any more motivation?
Just talk in the 3rd person...in a Macho Man Randy savage like voice" Bonerjams is gonna lif sum serius shit", "Boner jamz is gonna smash some PR's.. oooo-yeeaaah"


boners.....ohhhh yeaa!!!!!!!

pretty much the only thing i think about when i deadlift


Commit to the lift! Of course, you're probably done by now so.. Commit to the recovery!


I'm new to these boards, and you guys have me laughing already haha. Glad to be here! Before I do deads, I always think about people I really don't like and that really helps to lift heavier.