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About to Get My First Cycle

I already have size to me and have been the bigger guy then most for a while… So i wanted to do some more bulking up alittle and cutting up the most… I want to make sure thay this is a good cycle i have coming… Ive done days and days of research… The only down fall i hear is about TREN DICK and i have one major question that does come in after taking tren for a few weeks then goes away once when i start taking my PCT cycle right…


Tren. A. 6weeks
Test E. 12 weeks
Arimadex 12weeks


Clenbuterol 2weeks on
2 weeks off. X2 repeat that cycle. (Start clen during the last 2 weeks of test cycle)
Nolvadex 3 weeks. (Last 2 weeks of nolvadex i will be taling the last 2 weeks of clen.)


Im not a begginer when it comes to working out or diet, or training its just that this is my first cycle and i have asked around thru friends that cycle about ones that are good and got told to do this cycle that i will get big as fuck and ripped like hell!!.. He also said to do EQ but said that was optional.

Drop the Tren, run the Test only. It’s your first cycle man. Read through these forums for awhile because your “days” of research missed the standard first cycle recommendation.


This. You did not do good research. Otherwise you would have known that tren and clen on your first run is a staggeringly dumb idea. Your friends are idiots and you should not take any advice from them. They’re going to hurt you. Only you have to live with your body. The people who tell you ignorant things don’t have any downside when you end up with piles of side effects and no way of knowing what caused them.

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My left ventricle hurts looking at this

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And that is from a guy who LOVES tren.

Tren is steroids on steroids. Tren is it’s own animal totally separate and over all other regularly available anabolics. Save that stuff for your 8th or 12th cycle, seriously you should do every other common steroid before you try tren. If you can get your desired results in any other way then dont do tren.

All other side effects aside. The one that gets to me with tren is the break outs. These pimples come on places on your body that should be impossible to have a pimple. I get them on the back of my ears! You should only get pimples where you have a hair follicle, the back of ears do not have hair follicles. Then they seem to be a pimple at the bottom layer of skin, under the seven of so layers of skin. They hurt. And the only way to get rid of them is to basically get a pair of pliers and squeeze until that shit works it’s way to the surface. You can hear that shit squirt out of the pimple. And it smells like this weird ass unique smell that me and the gf just can’t place. The head of the pimple almost smells like “old” and “burnt.”

Do not do tren for your first cycle. Stick with test only. You will be blown away with test only. I promise!


As previously stated, 500 mg of test alone will provide DRAMATIC results. You would be crazy to jump on a very heavy cycle without any experience.

Also, were you aware that a noteworthy number of users of 19nors (deca, NPP, and tren) experience long term erectile dysfunction and/or zero libido for YEARS after discontinuing all use of steroids, even after all blood levels return to normal?