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About to Do my First Powerlifting Meet

Hello everyone. I’m about to do my first powerlifting meet on Sept 9th. I’ve been lifting on and off my whole life but have been very serious about it for over a year now. I’ve overcome my shoulder injury and surgery which feels great. I have been strength training for about 5 months now. I have started with 5/3/1, the cube, west side, squat everyday programs. I’ve found that I respond best to Jesse Norris’s split routine except I can’t do 7 days a week like him. On the 7th day, my cns is fried. I’m going to continue with his routine as my numbers are climbing pretty quick. I don’t juice and don’t plan on it. I think I’m going to find a coach to tighten up my forms a bit. My best paused bench is 315 and 325 with a touch and go. Best wrapped squat is 455 and 405 wrapless. I attempted at 455 deadlift to no avail. Best pull was 405 and I feel like I have more in me. Because I now know my PRs from thus week, I can create my spreadsheets. I have some questions with how I should create my program.

Monday: Bench, Tris and Deadlift
Tuesday: front squat, OHP
Wednesday: accessories, mostly back, calves, rear delts and heavy ab work.
Thursday: heavy bench with 5 second pauses that are one inch from the chest, front delts and deficit deadlifts.
Friday: Squat, hamstrings, leg press, glutes
Saturday: back, biceps, rear delts and farmers carries, Heavy ab work.
Sunday: Rest

  1. Should I do a light week next week because I hit PRs? Or should I got with how I feel?
  2. I normally go with high bar squats, should I transition into low bar? Can squatting shoes with a raised heel work for low bar squats?
  3. I normally deadlift without shoes on, are they required? If so, what shoes are best? I don’t like chucks.
  4. What are the best shoes for benching in? I have a pair of squating shoes that have a raised heel, will that work?
  5. Finally, the last week before the meet, should I deload? How should I do this?

Thanks for the help.

1)Yeah go light, can drop main lifts even
2) yep
3) anything simple, solid and low to the ground. Personally use asics tai chi, some of the new crossfit shoes are really good
4) IMO doesnt really matter unless going for like 500
5) yep…

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So I hover around 218lbs, that’ll put me in the 220 weight class right? As much as I’m trying to maintain a lower body weight, I just keep getting heavier. What if I sign up for 220 class and I end up getting above 220?

The other thing that confuses me. The equipment. I’m not going to go out and buy squat suits and bench suits as the sign up fee is enough money to begin with. It requires a singlet though, this isn’t the same as a squat suit, right? I was checking out sbd and their sizes are based on weight, not size. Kinda weird. What is the difference between raw modern and raw? I’ve googled this and I’m still confused.

If you are competing in an IPF-affiliated fed or any other one that is neurotic about your feet being flat on the ground then squat shoes are your best option. I have seen guys get red lights because the side of their shoe was 2mm off the ground. It happened to Dave Ricks the other day at Worlds and he switched to his squat shoes for the next attempt.

Either way, something with a non-flexible sole.

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you will simply be bumped up to the next weight class.

.[quote=“idvanceman, post:3, topic:231300”]
What is the difference between raw modern and raw?

It depends on the Fed