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About to Come Off My First Cycle. What Does PCT Feel Like?

Hello, I am about to finish my first ever 12 week cycle of 500mg Test-Cypionate/ week + Turinabol + Proviron.

I added the two orals for the final 5 weeks only.

I also stopped taking Arimidex all together about a week ago and feel fine i think… Guys here recommended not to take an AI unless i feel symptoms of Gyno, etc… which I didnt.

I plan on taking Nolvadex during my PCT, which is what the guy i bought the gear recommended.

What does PCT feel like? How long should it last, before I can blast again?

I guess I will lose the puffy face but also lose muscle and gains…

I guess I will have less of the ups and downs in mood but no longer experience the euphoria and sense of manly wellbeing as well…

Please share your PCT experiences!

Your sex drive will probably drop, when the exogenous hormones finally leave your system, and your balls still haven’t kicked back in. Slowly you get your sex drive back when the Nolva stimulates your balls into producing your own testosterone.

For a 12 week cycle, you would need 2-3 weeks before starting PCT. Then you wait at least 12 weeks before cycling again. A good idea is to get your blood tested around week 8-10 to see how you are actually recovering your natural test levels.

thanks for the info…safe to say i won’t get to hop on another cycle for a long time

You will need around 25 days for the Test to clear sufficiently for you to try restart your HTPA. What have you got planned for this period while you bridge into PCT? When I was cycling I used to bridge with an oral and /or HCG and would then run clomid for 7 days and nolva for 30. I think the details have changed since then but the point is you need the exogenous T to clear and you need to restart. If you go “cold turkey” for 4 weeks, i’s not going to be great mentally and physically its going to be tough to keep gains going.

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I’m not sure what your PCT lifting and diet plan is, but I always made the mistake of going right from a bulk into a cut once my cycles ended. So obviously low TT during PCT + low cal diet + lots of cardio isn’t a recipe for keeping gains. My next cycle I will stop the compounds but keep the diet & training like normal during PCT (as much as possible) and hope to retain more gains that way. Just food for thought

Generally PCT, then AMT of time on (so PCT + amount of time on after PCT) is a good rule of thumb

Strength will be down, gym endurance low, you’ll lose some but not all gains depending on how you eat/train… Losing strength was the mind f**k for me. Over time, I was able to regain my mass and strength while off; but, I stayed off for a long time (now on TRT). Just keep pushing in the gym

thanks for the replies!

last time i pinned was 3 days ago… Do I just stop pinning and stop the orals cold turkey?

I still have some of the Test-Cypionate and Priviron + T-bol + arimidex left…

Just ordered some Nolvadex to get ready for PCT.

*How long untill I see the water retention(facial bloating) and erection problems disappear? I am most excited for these side effects to go away…

thanks for the reply…So I don’t stop the test and orals cold turkey and go straight into Nolvadex?

Since I have some left, would it be better to taper off a bit slowly, or should I just stop all at once?

Depending on how you feel, you could drop the test, and everything else.

You could also drop the test and continue the Tbol for a couple more weeks, wait another week then start with the nolva.

Thanks for the reply…
What do you mean bridging an oral before taking a SERM?
I plan on going cold turkey on the Test-C, Arimidex, Proviron and T-bol, and start Noladex a couple weeks later…
I still have a good amount of the orals left, along with some Test.
Should I still use the orals as I come off the extragenous Test?
My biggest thing is the water retention(puffy face) and thought proviron might even help with that…

The thing is as you go off for at least 4 weeks( a couple will not cut it) your exogenous test will slowly disappear but your body will not start producing itself. So for around 2-3 weeks you’ll have low levels of hormone. This will make you feel like shit and make it very difficult to train well, never mind keep gains.
If you start PCT while you still have exogenous test in your system it will not work so you have to let it clear. PCT is meant to restart your natural production.
Bridge with an oral (clears quickly) or a short ester like test prop. You can stop that 2 days before going onto pct. just nolva is not enough, you need to restart your system, nolva doesn’t do that. Take your tbol for the 4 weeks. Then 7 days of clomid (40-50mg/day) then 30 days nolva (20-25mg/day). If you use HCG don’t do it in PCT, you could use that with the tbol in the bridge period to keep your system producing and stay anabolic.

Ive just read you were taking tbol and proviron for 5 weeks at the end of your cycle. I’m not sure that another 4 weeks in orals is a good idea. The water retention is a sign that your test/ E2 is out of whack. How long have you been having that?

I’m on TRT so don’t really know but I think literally everyone here runs Tamoxifen only for PCT and I’ve never heard anyone complain it didn’t work. What does the 7 days of Clomid before the Tamoxifen do?

Same here so I haven’t run a PCT for around 5 years. I see on here people generally only run nolva. Both clomid and nolva are estrogen antagonists, they block estrogen from binding to HTPA receptors and thereby increasing LH and FSH and subsequently testosterone. Clomid, in the research I’ve read, shows better results at doing this than tamoxifen. Tamoxifen however works very well as an estrogen antagonist in breast tissue but as an agonist in other areas Like the liver which is why it can have a beneficial effect on lipids. Generally I was “taught” to PCT as follows, HCG to mimic LH and “keep the engine running” during the bridge then Clomid to give the system a strong kickstart then nolva to sustain the production while performing its function on estrogen. I’m sure a nolva only PCT is fine when using mild or low cycles and OP can probably do that. I always used the HCG clomid nolva recipe but I don’t think it’s cast in stone to use all 3.

I actually read your quote here and see your point. Sorry I wasn’t clear. Nolva can perform the function depending on how strong the cycle is. Thanks for picking it up.

Hi, I am about to come off my first ever cycle, about 12 weeks of Test-C and Proviron and T-bol the last couple weeks…Arimidex 0.25 EOD as well.

Is going cold turkey necessary, or could I slowly taper off the orals, specifically the Proviron since it supposedly helps with water retention, which is the side effect I hate the most…?

I have Nolvadex which i will start taking in a couple weeks. Could I start on the Nolva even sooner, like a few days later?

And when can I expect the water retention/puffy face and other side effects to disappear?

I appreciate any advice/info from the veterans here for this newb lol…