About to Blast

Been cruising on 200mg/wk H.G Cyp, and some gh 6iu’s E3D for about 11 weeks… maintaining 200-203 LBS and actually making strength and mass gains… I’m loving it… Came off all anti’s, Al and serms for about 3 weeks just to have a break from them too.

Been saving up myH.G Enthanate’s and some pharmacy grade Arimidex, ready to increase my test for the summer to 750-800 mg/wk. Going from cypionate to enthanate shouldn’t be a problem will it? I’ve never used enth yet. I was thinking about stacking some Masteron Enth or Tren enth as well, but then figured why go crazy when this is working, but if I did consider these, what ratio’s am I looking at?.. Just looking for some opinions…

No problems with the switch. I’d probably run the three like this.

test 500
tren 300
mast 400

You’ll get differing opinions on this though as different people like different compounds.

How many cycles have you done? If you’ve done a few you may want to do something like 750/500/600

Was thinking only stacking one of those, either the mast or the tren, with the test. Not all 3. Was wanting an opinion on which one and at what dose. I’m creeping up to at least a dozen cycles in my life time, this will be my second time with my test higher than 500/mg/wk. But using human grade this time.

tren > masteron

I figured the Tren would be the stronger choice, for strength and mass gains. What dose would be ideal if using tren enth?

more is better

First time with tren?

Add the tren and mast!

I’ve stacked tren ace last year, for four weeks at 50mg eod. I also tried tren enth for four weeks at a lower dose. Don’t have much experience with it, that’s for sure.
Whats a good dose for tren enth stacked with test enth? Second time going high with my test @ 750mg/wk…

I would run 400mg tren e at least

My buddy is really trying to talk me out of the Tren Enth and said just do the Tren Ace, he’s putting it into a slin needle and site injecting 50mg/day and loving it. He’s actually tasting it after he injects and said its been awhile since the quality has been this good.
I’m almost considering this, the slin needles don’t bug me so much on a daily basis.

I’d recommend ace anyway. Fast acting so you’ll be “on” quicker and can get off quicker if you hate it. ED pinning doesn’t bother me though.

So for timing, just start the Tren Ace and increase my test on the same day?
I’m planning on at least 10 weeks at 800mg/wk Delytestryl and 50 mg/day Tren Ace for 4 weeks.
I’ve got pharmacy Arimidex, some people say its obviously way stronger than U.G stuff and kills there sex drive… should I be taking .5mg EOD or E3D?

As for training, I am an ectomorph, but on this cycle I know I’m going to grow like I have never before… I’ve been maintaining 198-202 LBS on 200 mg/wk Cyp for the last 9-11 weeks and been training upper/lower, push/pull type stuff from past articles on this site. I’m thinking still lots of compound movements, lots of deadlifts, squats, pull ups, dips, presses… just heavier.

Increase your test earlier than adding tren. I’d go 2-3 weeks to let the extra test get working. Tren ace will is very fast and you’ll feel it in a few days. Start with .5 ED and adjust as needed. For most .5 is perfect. i need more. Some need less.

Lift hard, eat hard. You are going to blow up on this cycle. Let us know how it goes.

I will, thanks