About to Begin my First Cycle. Bloodwork Seems a Little Low

29 years old
163 pounds

Blood work last week.
hormone binding globulin adult: 24
testosterone total: 222
testosterone free: 5.1
testosterone bioav. 119

Sounds like my test is low for a 29 year old right? i plan to do another testosterone check half way through the cycle.

Currently calories at 2500 because i was on a cut. i was 169 about 2 months ago. plan to up it back up to 3000 now that im gona be on test.

training 6 days a week, about 2 hours per session. 20-30min cardio twice a week!

cycle lay out:
Test E 500mg split into 2 shots for weeks 1-10
weeks 11-12 im not gonna run anything
weeks 13-15 clomid at 50mg a day
i have arimidex in case i feel any symptoms but dont plan on using until i do.

i did my first pin ever yesterday, my ass is still sore today. what do you guys think? pretty basic cycle. ill see if i can attach a picture of my body. im pretty lean, not sure what my body fat is because none of those lil electronic ones you hold are accurate anyways.
Am i missing anything else?

Dude, your total test is 222 and you look like that?? Holy Hell. You must put in some serious time and effort inside and outside the gym my man. You’re fighting against some pretty low testosterone levels and you look great. Good on you.

And yes, your cycle looks good. Pay really close attention to your mood, your libido, and your overall muscle definition if you’re not going to start the arimidex from the beginning. E2 can creep up or it can skyrocket seemingly overnight, so you’ll need to be very vigilant about that. But everything looks good. Keep us posted on how it goes and best of luck to you.

Edit: might want to run your pct a week longer (four instead of three)